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I haven't really thought about it much, but I suppose It depends on the game.
Now granted, a beautfiul game is more likely to at least catch my eye, and I'm probably guilty of buying one or two games based on the box art!  But mostly games are like books in that you can't judge a game based on it's box art.
I certainly appreciate good art in a game, but a point to note is that 'good art' is subjective.  Case in point is 'Root', all I hear about is how good the art is in that game yet I well frankly, don't like it (the art).  The game itself is fine; I've played it a few times and would play it again, but I think the art is way overhyped.
A game's art should never get in the way, fortunately no game I have comes to mind that I have this issue with, other than in some games the text can be too small--but that's not an art thing per se, just a design choice.

As far as the importance of art in a game.... 
If a game is heavily themed, well of course there has to be some art to present the them, art is what defines the theme really.  Sure some game mechanics might reflect the theme, but I would think that most wouldn't notice it unless the art presented the theme first.
In abstract games, art is ...rare, for the basic fact that as soon as a game includes art in it, it picks up a theme of sorts and is less abstract.

Before I got a fancy 'cube shelf' storage solution for my games, I stored them vertically, as too many games stacked on top of eachother is not good for the boxes longterm.
However, now that I do have good shelving, I store them horizontally as in the picture. 
<EDIT>  I realize after seeing some of the other posts here, I do have some stored vertically also.  

Why horizontally? Most games inserts (even the good ones) do not keep pieces intact if positioned vertically.  Also, some box lids can be a bit loose and can slid a bit (or completely) off when stored vertically.  I do have some 'game bands' (special bands designed to keep game boxes closed), but only a few and they're mainly for when I transport games.

I love the deck-building mechanic; I'm more inclined to buy, or at least invistigate a game more if I know if has the deck-building mechanic in it.  Although Magic the Gathering is NOT a deck-builder, one of the things I liked about it when I played heavily was building decks--in 'prime', I had 30 playing decks.
A classic, and the one of the first (or at least the first to popularize deck-building) is Dominion.  Some others to check out though (for those who don't already know):
Trains - very similar to Dominion in play, but includes a board and abstract track laying.
Clank! (and Clank! in Space):  good theme'd deckbuilders that include a board and a slight push-your-luck aspect (aside fom the inherent push-your-luck aspect in most deck-building mechanics)
Flip City:  not one most think of when it comes to deckbuliding, but a very light deckbuilder with the added feature of the cards being double-sided.
Star Realms and Hero Realms:  A couple of more themed deck-builders, but deal with attacking the other players (tho both have co-op variants).
Mystic Vale: while not technically a deck-builder in that you're not adding cards to your deck, instead you are upgrading your cards, so you are 'building up your deck'.
Pathogenesis:  a virus/germ themed deck-builder that uses real scientific terms. Has a 'teacher' version available.
Valley of the Kings:  Egyptian-themed deck-builder that has a unique trait of you having to remove cards from your deck to be able to score them.

There are also a few 'deck-building systems' that each have various licensed themes around them:
Legendary: has Marvel, Alien, Predator, and some others.  Honestly, not my favorite--the setup time is just horendous, especially with their 'box insert'.
Cryptozoic's system, most famous for the DC (as in comic books) Deck Builder, but also have a few other licenses like 'Attack on Titan' and 'Rick and Morty'.  I prefer this system over Legendary.

I have no preference of 'pure' over 'unpure.'

I've been kind of thinking about re-acquiring Mage Knight (but this time the ultimate edition); while much more than a pure deck-builder; it does have the deck-builder mechanic in it...though not very strong.