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This is the newest release dueling game on kickstarter from 2019. It is best play with 2 player! But it can also play up to 4 player! The game has a lot of mode including 1v1v1, 1v2 and 2v2. It is basically city building game and dice rolling to acitvate the ability of card. It requires deep strategic compare to luck especially when you play with different modes for the game. The objective of the game is to destroy your enemy (12 Life of Palace) or Gain 18 Culture Points to win the game. So you need to play either Culture Race when your opponent is weak on offense or switch from Culture Race when your opponent has very strong offense card on their territory. The cards have a good arts illustrator and the component quallity is very good as well. I really love the mechanics of the game as it really changes for every game since it is bases on your opponent strategic and the arts of the cards also very pretty! Here is some sneak peek for the game components.


1) I learn about Board Game Atlas because of the board game giveaway and I eventually love this sites!

2) I always love board games since I am 7th grade and it has been like few years ago since I am deep in love and bought a lot of board games!

3) My current top 3 games are #Plague Inc. The Board Game , it always stay for my top 1 game as I really love the mechanics of the games! My next games are #Star Realms: Frontiers , which is a deck building game and I really love the concept of the game especially fighting the boss cooperative! I even make my own factions and play with my gaming groups! The 3rd games I love are kind of more 2P games, it is #Shaolia: Warring States which releases like a year before, it requires a lot of strategic as well as some luck in the game to crush your opponent either by destroying their HP of castle or dominating with 18 Culture Points!

Me and gaming groups playe lots of games this week! We eventually played #Board Royale: The Island with NSFW expansions & #Star Realms: Frontiers with Hunter modes as well as Co-op mode!! We barely destroy Dimensional Horror as we almost lost in the halfway with my teammates only have less than 5 HP left. We also did #Not Alone and my friend played as Alien win the game with only 2 rescue marker away from us!

Still keeping my eyes on #Betrayal Legacy and #Wingspan and actually #Terraforming Mars as well as I keep hearing postive comments about it

I have own Pandemic and Pandemic OTB, that's why I am not really sure if I should get legacy game from Pandemic Legacy but I saw gameplay about Betrayal Legacy and feels likeit is pretty interesting since I don't have a copy of Betrayal at the House yet.

I will definitely get #Betrayal Legacy or #Wingspan for my team as we really want to try out how the legacy games works and we also want to try the classic game Wingspan as well.

I will definitely get #Betrayal Legacy or #Wingspan for my team as we really want to try out how the legacy games works and we also want to try the classic game Wingspan as well.