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I see the "unrelatable" selection rules like #Azul as just a cute way to say "pick a random start player".  I think most of the time these rules aren't expected to be followed.

I've definitely felt the urge before but haven't acted on it yet.  I could see myself doing it if the person looked genuinely confused.

For the bonus question I started with #Munchkin in 2016 so I would definitely recommend a different game.  Probably #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure or #Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

Both of these look really interesting to me, however I tend to dislike open negotiation so I'm not sure how much I would like #Moonrakers. I would be curious to hear your experience with the game.

I'm pretty certain I will pick up #The Whatnot Cabinet at some point though, it looks so charming.

I suspect my collection looks similar to yours:

Pre-2000: 1 game

2000 - 2004: 5 games

2005 - 2009: 6 games

2010 - 2014: 18 games

2015 - 2019: 81 games

2020 - present: 10 games

I think "Cult of the New" is natural to a degree when there are more and more board games coming out each year.  A larger and larger percentage of the games available are "new".

I really got into the hobby in 2017 and I think my collection reflects that.  75% of my collection is from 2015 or newer, but I do have a significant number of games that are over 10 years old.

I like it overall.  The red text is a little intense in Dark Mode, maybe it could be lightened up a bit?

This one is definitely on my list.  It keeps popping up on my radar and I'm intrigued every time.

I think the jump from #Carcassonne to #Lisboa is a bit much.  That's like teaching someone to ride a bike and then putting them into an F-16 jet.

I think something along the lines of #Small Islands or #Barenpark would be better on the list.

Congrats !

This site looks pretty nice but I am noticing some things in Dark Mode.

  1. When you type in the search bar the text doesn't appear. (Dark Mode)
  2. The color scheme of the Contact and About Us pages are black text on gray background which is difficult to read.
  3. The Advertise page gives me a "We couldn't find what you're looking for" error.

I would love to see #The Castles of Burgundy illustrated by Michael Menzel in the style of #The Pillars of the Earth or #Legends of Andor.  That game really deserves a good reprint.

Played Marvel United

Played with 2 players.

Played Carcassonne

Played with 2 players.

Played with 2 players.

#CoraQuest - I just found out about this and it looks like a wonderful game to play with my younger kids.

#Carcassonne: The 20th Anniversary Edition - This is a great game, probably going to pick this one up.

#Stuffed Fables: Oh, Brother! Expansion - A "must buy" for me.  My kids absolutely loved the base game.

I will probably buy some other games throughout the year.  I've been wanting to pick up #Aquatica and #Downforce for a while, but really I want to focus on playing my collection this year.

Played 7 Wonders Duel

Played with 2 players.

I'm usually interested in Stonemaier games, but I don't know anything about the IP and the cover isn't very appealing to me.  The gameplay sounds like it might be interesting though so I will wait until I see some reviews or playthrough videos.

Kids, household chores, and church responsibilities mainly.  I am fortunate that my wife is usually up for playing something at the end of the evening so we sometimes get a quick game in before bed.

Played 7 Wonders Duel

Played with 2 players.

Played 7 Wonders Duel

Played with 2 players.

Played 7 Wonders Duel

Played with 2 players.

I haven't played the original so I can't compare.  My understanding is that #Colt Super Express is a quicker, shorter, simpler version of the game.  Each game only last 10 minutes or so.

  1. #Colt Super Express
    I was very surprised by this one.  I played it at 3 and 4 players and it was a blast.  Very quick, very funny, very chaotic.  We were all laughing at some of the situations that arose during this game.

  2. #Wingspan
    Great medium weight game.  I usually play this one just me and my wife.  It's one of her favorites.

  3. #Diamant
    The only reason I love this game is that it's one of the few that I have that my 4-year-old can fully play with us.  We turn it into a semi-RPG game where we describe what we have for breakfast each day and how each hazard affects our group.

  4. #Empires of the Void II
    I wanted to like this one more than I did.  Part of the problem could have been that we learned and played this one way too late at night.  Hopefully we will get another shot at this one soon before we forget how to play.

  5. #Azul 
    Played this at 2-players.  It was a fine game, though a bit abstract for my taste.

I really need to try #Inis again.  I played it very early in my board gaming career and I didn't teach it very well so it was a confusing play.  Even so, I enjoyed it but the others didn't as much.

Surprisingly, I played 66 different games in 2020 with 33 of those being new games.  I don't want to write them all out but I'll list the top 10:

  1. #Zombie Kidz Evolution - 35 plays
  2. #Gloomhaven - 21 plays
  3. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - 20 plays
  4. #Ticket To Ride: First Journey - 19 plays
  5. #Drop It - 9 plays
  6. #Carcassonne - 7 plays
  7. #Diamant - 7 plays
  8. #Wingspan - 7 plays
  9. #Planet - 5 plays
  10. #The Grimm Forest - 4 plays

Unsurprisingly, most of these plays were with my kids.  The rest were either 2-player games with my wife or games with close family.

The game gets much more chaotic when you have all your workers.  The first time I played I only ended up with 3 workers at the end of the game and I never felt too rushed.  The next time I played I got all my workers and I had a much more frenzied experience.

We just played #Colt Super Express which was surpisingly fun.  It's a very quick, chaotic game that produces a lot of laughter.

I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed #Pendulum.  I had heard mixed reviews and picked it up on sale just to try it because it seemed so unique.  The game actually flowed pretty smoothly though it was a bit tense.  I think part of my enjoyment of this one was that I usually play with a couple of AP players and this game prevented them from monopolizing the game time.  Part of my hope was that this game would help train them to make descisions more quickly.  We'll see how that goes.

We just played #Colt Super Express and it surprised me by how much fun it was.  It's very quick and chaotic and my group really enjoyed our few plays of it.

I got my giftcard for Miniature Market.

This isn't my first Folded Space insert.  I think they hit the right balance of quality and price.

Played Azul

Played with 2 players.

Played Azul

Played with 2 players.

Played Azul

Played with 2 players.

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Played with 2 players.