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Congrats, jealous! 

Only played it with 2, can see it being better and a lot more fun with more as it's mostly about interaction and negotiation. Can't really say much about the deck building as I haven't played any others, but it's quite light, I hope they make expansions because there could be some more card variation. However the artwork is very verrry nice, super slick, one of the main reasons I backed

Just got hold of Nemesis which I've been excited about for ages! Played a couple of solo games to learn the rules, will probably play coop with my partner soon. The real semi coop mode will have to wait till after lockdown though.


Other than that, Everdell gets played quite a bit, and other new addition Moonrakers has seen table time. 

Only been into the hobby for just over a year and still trying to build up a varied collection