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Dune: Imperium first impressions image
ReviewDune: Imperium first impressions [Dune: Imperium]Christmas LoveChristmas LikeLike| 33 comments | [+]
December additions image
December additions [Dale of Merchants Collection, The Blood of an Englishman, Dune: Imperium, Dale of Merchants 2, Shards of Infinity: Deckbuilding Game, Inis: Seasons of...]Christmas WowLikeChristmas LoveChristmas Like| 47 comments | [+]
My Top 10 Favorite Game Art [Roam, Wingspan, Everdell, Nemo's War (Second Edition), Century: Golem Edition, Bruxelles 1897, Tapestry, Irish Gauge, Inis, Oceans]Like| 12 comments | [+]
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Two MILE tall frog


I'm interested in this game, so I'll definitely be checking this out. Thanks!

Nice! I don't know which roles are the new ones, but they're all pretty straight-forward. The only kind of weird one is the Spy, so I'm guessing that's a new one.

I love the idea of fan expansions. I don't know much about this game, so I won't contribute, but I'll be following this thread because I think it's a fun idea!

I believe so, that's the version that plays up to 6 players, right? That's the one I have. It has a little cloth baggie for storage.

Fun interview! I haven't gotten a chance to play #Chai but it does look like a fun one that can be played with most crowds.

These look fantastic! Have you played the game yet?

And yeah...playing one turn a week is...let's say "not ideal"

I know what you mean about word games lol. I happen to like them, but I always lose at #Kiitos. Neat little game though!

We have #Carcassonne: Expansion 1 - Inns & Cathedrals and highly recommend it. Some of the expansions seem like they change the game pretty significantly. This one doesn't, just adds a bit more, and what it adds is good. I take it out for new players, but if it's just you two, it's great.

Had a great week of gaming! My wife and I went on a trip with some friends, and we managed to pack several games and played every evening.

  • #Ticket to Ride: Europe @ 4p - (not on our trip) had a couple friends over and played this. Great fun.
  • #Hive Pocket - my wife and I played this in the airport. I positioned myself for victory in the next move... which blinded me to the fact that I actually set up my wife for victory, so she won, haha
  • #Everdell 1x @ 4p - we all love this game, so we had to play it. Or friends packed their copy; I want about to pack ours, lol.
  • #War Chest 4x @ 2p - played this several times over the weekend with my friend. This was the one game he requested that we bring because he really wanted to try it. I win every time, but he loved it still.
  • #Dale of Merchants 1x @ 4p - I think everyone enjoyed this, and it was a super close game!
  • #Carcassonne 1x @ 4p - great game as always
  • #Sushi Go Party! 2x @ 4p - always a hit
  • #Love Letter - we kinda played this at a restaurant but didn't really get to finish.
  • #7 Wonders Duel 1x - taught my friend this one too. He had played the original before but not this one. We were separated by one point, with me taking the victory!

I'm guessing this was a feature that got lost in the shuffle with the new game pages.

  • The Discord is fun! I still haven't figured out for myself how much time I want to invest in Discord in general, but I enjoyed the charts I had on there!
  • I like the AMAs and highlighted users, those are both lots of fun as well! Looking forward to more of them.

Who are you and what have you done with sdirrane???

You may not be directly seeking growth, but your model of "make good games and support them" lends itself well to that!

Two players who are familiar with the game and also awake and alert can probably do it in 80-90 minutes, I'd guess. The play time isn't too bad, it's just the wide-openness of the game, so every turn there are so many options available to you, haha.

Think #Anachrony will be quicker on subsequent plays?

#Paladins of the West Kingdom melts my brain. Once I played twice in a row. Never again. Once we tried playing it on a Friday night after a long week. Never again, haha. Great game, though.

Well, color me interested. I love #7 Wonders, and #7 Wonders Duel even more, so I'll be looking out for this!

Ok, awesome! This sounds like a really cool feature, so I hope people take advantage of it!

This is very exciting! Can't wait to see this grow.

Here's my major concern: at least from this article, I can't determine what's "in it" for the reviewers. Users benefit, obviously, and BGA benefits by having a cool feature that differentiates it from other sites, but why would a reviewer go out of their way to become an accredited reviewer for BGA? I'm assuming they won't be compensated for their 280 character reviews, and since they can't link to their platforms, they have to rely on the users taking the initiative to look them up. Am I missing something? Or are there plans to give reviewers their own pages on BGA, or something like that?

Oh cool! I have a few questions for Matt:

  • What's your role at BGA?
  • What led you to creating Board Game Halv?
  • What game has been on your mind lately?
  • What game are you most looking forward to?
  • What are your other hobbies?