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I'll link this comment I made a few weeks back about it because I think it sums up my thoughts pretty well on the game:

Awesome, hope you enjoy it! It's one of my favorite games :)

I would like to have voted for 3 of the options:

  • Game Prices
  • Community discussion
  • Price alerts

Because it still has the huge advantage in userbase, I still rely on BGG for the most part for game information, specifically game ratings, weight ratings, and player count ratings. I hope that BGA can be a good source for that info as more people use it.

I definitely agree that there is space for negative reviews. If the only reviews are positive, they're not worth much at all. I can't recall an NPI video I watched when they straight up recommended the game. So I can't even tell what games they like, so their negative reviews are not that helpful to me, and their criticisms often strike me as kinda high-falutin and over-emphasized, when a lot of the time, people won't actually care about the thing they complain about.

I don't think my wife has really played a dudes on a map game yet, but I kinda think she wouldn't be into it due to the direct conflict. She does, however, love #Everdell! If your wife can pick up the rules pretty easily (it's not too complex), then there's a pretty good chance she'll be into that one.

Haha, going through a bunch of old posts? Nice list! Yeah my wife does not like mean games either, so train games are pretty much all out for us, not that I have any interest in them anyway. I'm surprised at that take on GWT, considering how high it is on a lot of lists!

Yep, at the end of the day, board games are often just means to facilitating fun with other people. If they offer intellectual stimulation and challenge, great, but that is usually secondary.

It's a well-made review and his arguments are convincing. To be honest, I unsubscribed from this channel a while back because it seemed to me like they just disliked every single game they reviewed. Negative reviews have their place, but I got tired of it. Their arguments here make sense, but I think the complaints they have won't bother a lot of people, especially considering the popularity of this game.

Did not know that MK/ST:F had deck building in them! I guess I don't know much about those games in general. I'll have to look into them! I know how much you love Frontiers.

I don't think I'd call the Century series deck-builders...more like hand builders, since you can just pick whatever card you want at any time, and it doesn't hurt you at all to have a big hand of 10 when your best combo consists of 4 cards or something like that.

Have any details come out for Cloudage? I havent seen much about it.

oh also for a pure deck-builder, I've got my eye on #Shards of Infinity: Deckbuilding Game

I haven't played a ton ( #Star Realms, #Fort, plus a bag-builder in #War Chest), but I do enjoy the sense of progression a good deck builder can give you. I also like that in most of them, you can pursue all kinds of different viable strategies. For example, in Star Realms, you can try to build your deck entirely of cards from the blob faction and just try to deal massive damage each turn. Or you can mix in some cards from the blue faction and get some defense in there and try to simply outlast your opponent. Or you can build a deck full of "draw a card" actions and just ping your opponent to death.

I've never really played a deck builder that incorporated a board aside from Fort, and those are just player boards to hold stuff, not a board to navigate. I'd love to give #The Quest for El Dorado a try, as that looks like a light-ish one with a fun theme, so you could probably play it with a wide variety of people.

One that I've got pre-ordered is #Dale of Merchants. This one is neat because, while it's a deck-builder, you also have to deconstruct your deck in order to win. The goal of the game is to be the first to build your 8th "stall", which are stacks of cards from matching suits with values up to your current stall number. So you need to build a stall of 1, 2,3...8. The catch is that you need to pull cards out of your deck to put them into your stall, thereby weakening your deck, and lowering your buying power. Really looking forward to getting this in the mail! I went all in on the pledge with a gift card that I won at I'll have DoM, DoM2, DoM3, and #Dale of Merchants Collection, for a total of 27(?) different decks to mix and match to give tons of variety in play styles.

I also just placed a preorder with my FLGS for #Dune: Imperium, which incorporates deck-building with worker placement and some other really neat mechanisms. This game looks so fun to me. Plus it's Dune.