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Dune: Imperium first impressions image
ReviewDune: Imperium first impressions [Dune: Imperium]Christmas LoveChristmas LikeLike| 31 comments | [+]
December additions image
December additions [Dale of Merchants Collection, The Blood of an Englishman, Dune: Imperium, Dale of Merchants 2, Shards of Infinity: Deckbuilding Game, Inis: Seasons of...]Christmas WowLikeChristmas LoveChristmas Like| 47 comments | [+]
My Top 10 Favorite Game Art [Roam, Wingspan, Everdell, Nemo's War (Second Edition), Century: Golem Edition, Bruxelles 1897, Tapestry, Irish Gauge, Inis, Oceans]Like| 12 comments | [+]
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TBH I didn't even realize that CloudAge had actually released, haha. Hope to read your thoughts on it soon. Perhaps a video as well?

Wow! There are a bunch in here I've never even heard of!

The only new thing on my shelf since my December post is #Ticket to Ride: Europe. Picked it up new in shrink from a Goodwill recently. We're not sure yet if we'll keep it, but it was a pretty good deal, considering TTR still consistently goes for full price at retail stores.

Nice! Yeah I think Root greatly benefits from playing it in quick succession, so that's cool. Dune is probably the same way, but we haven't really done that very well, haha.

Nice! Roughly how many times have you played Root with your group?

Oh dang, that is pretty cool.

You took Wingspan camping?

TTS is a good idea, especially considering that it's cooperative and I can try it out by myself. I'll try that some time!

Thanks for the insights! I'm not sure how interested I am in pre-game deck construction. That's one of those things it seems like I won't really know until I try it.

Haha, yep, some family games and some gamery games!

I'd call myself a casual fan, which is probably why I haven't been more interested in it to this point, haha

Got it. That sounds great! I'm still very hesitant to buy into an LCG due to the cost, and we generally don't play any co-ops, but this one keeps coming up and I wonder if I'd enjoy it. Maybe one day I'll pick up a secondhand copy or something.

Yeah I love that it just opens up the strategic choices so much more than are already in the base game. If I play again with my friend, maybe we'll add it in. If I play again with my wife, I definitely will not, haha.

Is Rhino the only villain that comes in the base box?

I wish my wife enjoyed #7 Wonders Duel more - there's so much to explore in terms of strategy! I have the #7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon expansion as well, but I've only used it I think twice with a coworker.

I mean, the factions are literally fighting for control of the planet, so IMO it makes sense thematically to have a lot of the points come from combat. I love the uncertainty of the combat that comes with the reveal turns and the Intrigue cards, as well. I think that adds to the "plans within plans" theme integration with the Dune book. Also, for what it's worth, on my first game, I used a combat-focused leader (Rabban) and did not win.

For the Everdell expansions, I enjoy them all. My wife doesn't really care about the #Everdell: Pearlbrook expansion, but I like what it adds. None of them are what I'd call "necessary" expansions though, as we still play just the base game from time to time, or just add in an expansion when we feel like it.

Yeah #Dune: Imperium does seem pretty combat-focused, after my 1 multiplayer and 1 solo play. There are a lot of points to be had once you get further down into the deck. Of course there are easy points elsewhere if you get to the point where you can afford "The Spice Must Flow" cards, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.

I love #Everdell! Spirecrest is fun and probably does the most to change the game of any of the expansions.

Had my in-laws over, and we played some simpler games with them:

  • #Santorini - we bought this for them for Christmas, and I taught it to them. My father in law picked it up quick and seemed to really enjoy it, and my mother in law said she could see herself getting into it, so hopefully they play it at home!
  • #Sushi Go! - we had played this with them previously, but we reminded them how to play. They enjoyed it and we played twice.
  • #Point Salad - also played this one twice. It's just a fun, simple game.

On Sunday a friend came over and we got a few games on.

  • #Baseball Highlights: 2045 - I love this game. I had an Amazon gift card from Christmas, so I picked up 4 of the expansions (10-15 cards each), and we played with them mixed in this time. So much fun. Our world series went the full 7 games and went down to the wire. I'm going to be looking up different formats for playing, because it is more fun to have more of the better free agents in your deck at the end of the game rather than having a bunch of starter cards still.
  • #War Chest with #War Chest: Nobility expansion - finally got the expansion played, and it is really fun! Just adds another set of choices to the game without shaking it up too much or adding much in the way of rules overhead.
  • #7 Wonders Duel - taught him this game, and it went well! He enjoyed it and even ended up beating me in a very back and forth, tense game. Hadn't played this one in a while, so I was glad to get it to the table!

Ah man, you guys should try to play a game just for fun once in a while!

Oh wow, that's awesome! I'm personally not too interested in any of his larger games, so this is actually more appealing. I'll have to keep an eye out for this when it gets closer to release!

I like the idea of teaching it in 10 minutes, but I'm a tad skeptical, just because most of his other games have been quite complex.

What's up with those grumps in your comment section??

Lol, it just makes me think of Monopoly

Finally got around to this.

I love it! Awesome review. I remember learning about this game a year or two ago and just thinking how cool it sounded, and then learning that it's basically just made by one guy in his garage or something and bring super impressed. I'll have to keep it in mind if I ever get more deeply into solo gaming.

Also, paper money a nice touch? Haha