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Just a middle-aged guy who woke up to smell the cardboard a few years ago.  I enjoy a variety of mechanics and themes, still experimenting and finding what I like.  Thinking of dabbling in game design, we'll see what the future holds!

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Yep, I got the deluxe as well, the coins are awesome!  And I 3D printed an insert to help organize the components.

Great, games like that I think are more about laughing and less about scoring 😊  I'll put this one on my radar, thanks

Great start!  What's the verdict on #Poetry For Neanderthals?

Sounds fun!  Thanks for the review.

Great list!  We overlap on one, #Empires of the Void II, great game!  

Sure, "holidays" pretty much last the whole month of December.  For me, it's more like when I'm actually off of work, taking the last couple of weeks of the month off this year.  Which three have you played?

The two tracks that come with the game are great, the expansions add new powers and new tracks that are just different enough to keep the game interesting.  So play the base game for a while and if all goes well, grab an expansion or two.

Yeah, hoping that it's both style AND substance.  Same with #Tang Garden, another game I like.

With my kids, well...I only have one 14 yo son at home.  He's good for anything once a week, then lighter games with my wife another night.  My oldest son, my second oldest son and my son in law are the other ones who will play pretty much anything.  We play games like #Champions of Midgard, #Ecos: First Continent, #Bunny Kingdom, #Mission: Red Planet (Second Edition), #Empires of the Void II, #The Isle of Cats, #Near and Far.  Nothing too heavy, but heavier than fillers.  I have a colleague from work I can play pretty much anything with on BGA, and another friend I see perhaps once a month where we play euros. With my wife, she's warming up a bit, we play #Cursed Court, #Medici, #Point Salad, #Truffle Shuffle, #Alhambra, etc.  So not an intense gaming life, but just enough to keep it going!

Oh, ok that's good to know, I'll use it then!

Ah, I see...more player interaction sounds like the goal of the 3 player minimum.  I can see that.  Thanks for your thoughts.

I guess I just need to play some games enough that they feel more like a challenge than work.  The first time or two for some games can feel like a chore to me.

Well, thanks for your impressions!  It's at a good price now, so I'll have to put it back on my radar.  I was even thinking of buying a tiny little talking crystal ball to put in the very center, just to add more theme 😊.

I'll have to try the app!  For our first play I did use a timer on my phone.  I ended up adding 30s to 60s to the time.  Seems like some people perform faster under pressure than others, and since you can't change what you've done it doesn't hurt to give slower players a little extra time!  And the faster players can be a little more deliberate.

You will love #Downforce, it is quick to play, easy to learn, and simply fun!  Two house rules that made it better for my groups: 1) Can't use your "Speed 8" card until after the first milestone, and 2) You have to bet on a different color at each milestone.  You can certainly play it by the rules and it will be fun, but these two seem to help eliminate the runaway leader issue, as someone can race to the first milestone, everyone tends to bet on them, then continue to bet on them and help them along in order to cash out.  The BGG forums are full of ideas and suggestions, but these two were very simple and effective for us!

#Empyreal: Spells & Steam I've seen and read about, it looks amazing.  I do need a train game in my collection, sounds like you would recommend it?

Nah, feel free to beat on all of your fellow quarantiners as much as you want!

Sounds like a heavy, but fun holiday season for you!  I see that there is a #Hansa Teutonica Big Box version coming out soon, wonder what else it includes?  This one intrigues me.  You'll have to give us an update on your #Forgotten Waters session, sounds really fun!

Good to set lofty goals, hopefully you'll achieve at least a few!  I have none of these, and have only played #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar online, but enjoyed it a lot.  I've heard great things about them, though.

I find that it's an underrated gem.  A bit of setup, but I 3D printed an organizer to help with that!

I enjoyed #Azul: Summer Pavilion a lot.  I was tiring of the original, so this breathed some life into that sort of game.  What did you like about #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game?  I've heard mixed reviews, but it's been on my radar.  Can't go wrong with #Point Salad!

Yeah, I'll have to check those out!  Just wondering why they need a minimum of 3 players?  I was also looking at #Steam, it is inexpensive as well...but more complex?