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I can see the benefits of having a table but my wife's not into them. She thinks even with the smooth table top they look gaudy and awkward. I'm not too bothered by that as ultimately it's far more of a luxury than a necessity.

I'm reading Peter Hopkirk's book entitled 'The Great Game', which is fantastic and very readable (which is important to me, as I struggle with remembering copious place names, people and dates). The idea of a board game with cards devoted to the characters I'm reading about was so thrilling to me all of a sudden that I decided to break the bank to order this game from a retailer in Greece of all places. My copy will take a few weeks, but I'm tremendously excited. I hope you enjoy yours when it arrives :)

#Fort - I like it. The cutesy theme is well executed and goes a long way - there was a lot of banter at the table resulting from the theme and it was a particularly funny playthrough (I play in person with close friends in my covid 'bubble'). In one's first game with any deckbuilder it's difficult to know what to lose and what to keep, so it felt a bit aimless at times, but hopefully that will come with replay. I don't think the decisions are particularly interesting tbh, there's usually one good choice and it plays itself a bit. We had a completely new gamer join us and I felt this struck a good balance between having enough to keep the hobbyists interested while being light enough to explain quickly.

#Space Base - My friend absolutely adores this game and it's probably the 20th time I've played it. I think it's okay and I won't say no to it, but at this point I'm just playing because it makes him happy. I won without thinking at all.

#Too Many Bones - enough superlatives have already been heaped on this game so I'll spare you the gushing, but yeah, I love it. Will definitely be getting an expansion or two on pay day, if they're still in stock.

#The Search for Planet X - I love a sudoku and this game is basically a themed sudoku. I lent it to a couple we know as something light(ish) for them to play as they said they have no games and were bored in lockdown. It surprised me to receive a text saying they tried to learn it and were baffled. I think rules wise it's one of the lightest games I own, but always good to be reminded that most people are starting from scratch.

Another busy week for you :)

>"Right now I'm really enjoying games with RPG elements, co-op, and dice"

Haha, I can tell you are a #Too Many Bones fan! Those are my three favourite things as well actually. If you love it as much as me I'd say keep going with the expansions if you haven't already. There's a lot of great stuff to keep the TMB going.

It's not perfect, but I absolutely love #Elder Sign which is a co-op w/ custom dice. If you can get your hands on a decently priced copy then you could do much worse, and it's great solo.

Nice, I still need to try #Power Grid. I was put off at first but how maths-y it is but as time goes on I think I might enjoy that more than I once though. Have you had a go at #Kemet with the rules updates?

January-March = no games purchased

April-October = 10 games purchased (#Schummel Hummel, #The Search for Planet X, #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), #Pax Transhumanity, #Set a Watch: Swords of the Coin, #Lux Aeterna, #Now Boarding, #Chronicles of Crime, #Space Alert, #Fort)

Global events renewed my interest in having something to do at home... before covid I was even selling off my collection. Now I'm in the full swing again.

Someone on Reddit has made a dedicated solo version of Oceans, so it's got that going for it now.

If it helps at all, I've found #Welcome to... gets the most playtime, but #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition brings me the most joy... if that makes sense?! The former is super quick and more tempting to grab from the shelf but the latter has those custom dice which makes it feel like more of a treat.

My wishlist has spiralled out of control so could be many one of many things!

I've recently been longing for the Oink games version of #Modern Art, which is just gorgeous.

London, England

For my money, games like #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, #The Mind and #Hanabi rely on the kind of metagame that develops from playing in person - reading the room and feeling for the subtle cues. I probably wouldn't bother with any of them online.

Solo or multi? It's been on my solo wishlist for a while as it's considered one of the best solo games out there. Ian O'Toole created something beautiful with this 2e.

Played a couple games of #Lux Aeterna. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I have to admit I thought the decision-making would be a little more challenging, but it's pretty easy to spot the one 'obvious' route or at least a passable one. It means that weirdly, I look forward to the glitches, because it makes the decisions more tricky. I'm going to have to ramp up the difficulty and try again as I played three times and won easily twice. 

Crikey... there's a lot there to digest. Not sure where to start!

The digital implementation of Bus looks very nice.

I should clarify, when I say arrive - I mean in the stores! There's no release date yet, but I hear it's shorter and lighter than Burgundy.

Same. It seems like none of the games are mechanically perfect, but they stand apart as intriguing and eccentric works of art. #Tokyo Metro looks fantastic to me, but I don't quite have a place for it in my collection. Would love to play one of them some day.

#The Fox in the Forest evokes that kind of autumnal feeling for me, although not strictly themed as such