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Is there a way to report when the wrong data has been scraped? For example Roll For The Galaxy shows up as a bargain deal, but it's because it's linking to the wrong game on the affiliate page. There a quite a few like this.

That's quite a common complaint with Brass. 

Yes! I'm so happy about this. I'm supposed to be on a social media hiatus but I had to comment on this... I've been really excited to see a UK prices feature rolled out.

And now back to lurking in the shadows...

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From what I've seen the overall consensus is it's like GWT but a bit less coherent and not as transcendently good, but if you enjoy that sorta thing it's still worth a pop.

I quite enjoyed GWT myself but wasn't too upset about selling it.

Yeah, these top 100s are always going to be pretty arbitrary, and shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's just an interesting look at what's popular.

Like, when I was new to the hobby, I just assumed all the games in the top 100 were amazing. Looking at these lists now I have a few years in the hobby under my belt, there aren't that many that stand out to me as genuinely great games.

Personally I'm happy that the lighter fare does well in our rankings. Those games get short shrift everywhere else.

Very well-written review, good job. As a solo gamer myself this feels like a "must have" but I think I can put it off for a few months at least. I've got quite the backlog of solo games building up at the moment. I've heard beating this game is extremely difficult, and I like games like that.

I know... just when I had decided to not back the Kickstarter haha.

I wondered what this was about. Hope it's helpful in growing the site.

Random place to say this but just FYI in case anyone cares I'm gonna take a break from the forum for a while. I have an addictive personality when it comes to social media and I find myself checking the forum every five minutes. As much as I want a voucher, it's time to stop lol.

Happy gaming and see you after the holidays :)

They were for me because I lost the entire bag of the original chits, so I had no choice but to replace them. I'd say unless you play the game a lot it's probably not worth $35.

Haha, I said to her "I've been telling the forum all about our fancy chips in #Orléans" and she was like "Oh, I love those. It makes it much easier to cheat. You can just quickly look in the bag and grab what you need"

A lot of deluxe/kickstarter style games think "premium" = "lots of stuff/lots of minis". I prefer the #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) approach. It's a small box with relatively few components, but all of those components are of an extremely high quality.

I've toyed with the idea of getting a 3d printer at some point. Making inserts for games would be a big quality of life upgrade. You must find set up and tear down for #Clans of Caledonia much quicker now?

Yeah man, they're really great. Your bag is more weighty and rifling through the plastic chips is fun.

Some shocking news has just transpired in our household. Sarah just told me she cheated in our last game of #Orléans. I appreciate your support at this difficult time for our family.

That's cool. I love those cut throat games so it sounds good to me. Another quick q, do you play with the base rule set or some mixture of advanced rules as well? The thing that put me off in the SUSD review is the amount of variety in terms of rule combinations. I'd rather just have one recommended set of rules.

Obviously that's the way to win. I'm going to make this my 1 comment and see you all in a week!

I haven't noticed any good deals in the UK, but I'm contemplating backing either #Nemo's War (Second Edition) or #Soldiers in Postmen's Uniforms. I've got until Dec 8th to decide!

Probably 3 minute board games, he's always plugging BGA

Interesting games to have as your favourites. I've never herad of #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun before, what do you enjoy about it?

I wish I could try #Dune. I would want to play it at the full player count and I only know one other person who would want to play it. What makes it your #1 (or 2 or 3)?

Welcome brother. What are some of your favourite games to solo? I'm more of a solo gamer these days myself. 

The community is smaller but I prefer it here to on Reddit as the people are nicer. There's too much gatekeeping and douchebaggery on Reddit for my taste.

Tactility is an underrated aspect of our hobby. If things feel nice you can luxuriate in the experience more.