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That's a big annoyance I have too. I don't want duplicates but I have no idea what every expansion has. If you also want to ensure that you see different cards, you can put the ones you've played facing the opposite way in the box afterwards, and only give players cards you haven't used yet. That's what we do so that even the rejects will eventually all be used lol

I absolutely agree! I would honestly never want to play charades on its own, but this is a different story. We always get some good inside jokes the first 2 rounds, but still forget half the words byt he 3rd and mime some seriously hilarious things! It's just a silly time so with the right group it's a great game in between some heavier things.


I got my expansions (I have classics and more monikers) on Amazon for a decent price, cause I just couldn't find them anywhere else. Love having more variety now so we don't start memorizing them lol

I definitely thought the same thing (mostly intimidating, but I was worried it would become boring if there was a lot of math) but it was definitely awesome. Good luck if you try it! Hope you enjoy!

Yes, so there are just requirements like being a certain level in potions and charms, for example. Some challenges also have additional costs like knowledge or magic tokens. If you have the requirements you can complete them in the challenge phase. You can do 2 of the simple ones or 1 hard and 1 simple.

Yeah, I think it's a super neat concept, found it a very unique party game.
I also really like Flip Ships! haha