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Overall, probably about 8 times, but we've played 4 of the last 5-6 game nights.  It's been really hot for us right now.  Trying to get #Dune in February or March.

Just sent a request, I'm slapsgiving14#3909

Back at the beginning of all the crazy I played #Root about 5 -6 times meeting up with people in the Woodland Warriors Discord channel and it was a lot of fun.  I haven't played there again because I've been getting my normal group together pretty regularly. 

Maybe I'll get back there some time.  What's your user name on Discord?

Maybe we can rope some others here into a TTS game, looking at you.

Got in a round of #Root with my gaming group Saturday.

Played #Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar with my kids yeseterday.

Yeah.  If I remeber correctly there was a huge necessity for temporary alliances to get your stats to where they needed to be in order to complete missions.  I also think you customize your ship throughout the game depending on your objectives and the missions available.  I also know there are a few cards that give you bonuses for betraying your temporary alliances (which I always love).

Played Root

Played with 4 players.

#Moonrakers was a game that looked so cool to me when I saw it on KS.  But I felt like the price point was so steep for a game thata mostly comprised of cards.  I think after shipping it was about $70-75.

If the price had been around $35-40 I probably would have backed it.

Just noticed this post got some love from Leder Games Twitter!

For me it's a game changer in playing #Scythe solo.  Admittedly solo gaming has been almost non-existent for me at the moment, but that's do in large part to having single player Switch games I'm working through.  It will be highlighted again for me someday and #Scythe is a top contender to get to the solo table because of the app.

I do like this idea.  Although I also think the Warlords being from the clearning factions makes sense thematically.  Since they are so influenced by the rest of the board (especially with the WA and Lizard Cult), that within their ranks Warlords would rise up since they are mostly disorganized members of the Woodland.

I just saw this comment.  But I think this is really cool.

I loved the way #Windward looked.  How is it?

I'll also be interested in seeing what the new Terraforming Mars game is all about.  I love the theme but for some reason the one (I know I should try again) time I played it it just doesn't stick for me.

Me too.  We just got #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) out and it was really really fun.  Seeing the picture in the post makes me excited to play it again.

I have #Root on the docket for my game night tomorrow.

We have a lot in comoon (which we already know).  Maybe once Covid is over we'll be at a Con together and can get some games in.

Of course #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile was my one purchase of 2020, so I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival, and boy does it look pretty.

I also am anticipating the #Root expansion.  Even after reading briefly about one of the two new main factions I can tell it's gonna be great.  I'm really excited to hear there may be a 4th expansion!  I thought this would be the last.  I too would love to see a campaign mode of some sort.  I think there are some of us who are hoping for some kind of Oath/Root blend.

Also, I can't wait to check out that John Company 2E video.  I'm still really anticipating it, even though I know little about it.

Happy Friday!

What really helps is having the next person start while the previous person is figuring out the details of their bottom row action.

I do think that once you learn #Scythe well, and if you can pick up the very affordable ScytheKick app it is a great solo experience.

Nice.  Could just be that things are clicking so much for me because I'm happy with my collection and I have a very tight restriction on purchases per year.

That's probably part of it.  And the fact that I'm really happy with my collection.  I just felt like there used to be more, if I had all the time and money I'd pick this up, and that hasn't been the case as much lately.  But I also don't look at it like I used to because of the 2 reasons above.

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Should have read through before posting mine, haha.