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Only three of the cards do anything special, and really only two (as the 3rd is just a reminder that zero-ending cards are worth 10 points instead of 1). Since there are only two powers to remember (draw 1 or play 2), the symbology on the card is easy to remember (no player aid needed).

You really have to enjoy the type of game where you sync well with other players. It is certainly one we can use to introduce non-gamers to hobby games (like we do with The Crew).

Give it a shot with a regular deck of cards first. It is simply a themed version of the public-domain game Palace.

We've played it four times with four people each time. At least one person, usually two, had nothing to do when they had money left to spend (money is worth nothing at the end of the game). I guess they could have bought something to block the other player from getting it, but then you risked something better being turned over. Even something minor like making money worth one point for every $3 would reward someone for a good money-making engine, even if they couldn't spend it.

It's pretty fun, in a frustrating way any euro-ish game is (where you can't get everything you want). At the end though it was a little anti-climatic as it is possible to have no need to take a turn if the tiles aren't out there for you.