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  1. Highly interested in Glory to Rome. As far as spending money, that is a really unique question. My gut reaction would be to say no way to spend $250 for one game. However, I can easily get swept into FOMO on whatever cool looking Kickstarter is being promoted. So, on second thought, yeah, I would spend that on a grail game.
  2. The Search for Planent X. I love decuction games, and this one just hits all the right notes for me. Great app integration with a fun and satisfying logic puzzle. Fantastic game.
  3. Going to go a little negative on this one, but Dwellings of Eldervale. I had high expectations due to many people falling in love with it. I thought it would be a 10/10. Still enjoyed the game and would certainly be up for another play, but the dice battles really took me out of the game. This is all subjective due to play styles and such, but it seemed there were just never ending battles that were too much luck based. I was also a bit soured as I ended up capturing a monster which gave me 5 dice. Within one turn, a player decides to fight just to see what would happen ... my 5 dice against his 1. My highest number was a 4, his one die was 5, monster dead. Luck normally isn't that big of a deal, but when the game is >2 hours, I just can't have luck play that large of a factor.
  4. In no particular order: Terraforming Mars, The Search of Planet X, Glen More 2, BattleCon, Bunny Kingdom. Not really a theme, but these are games that regardless of time or place, I would say yes to play these games. They each have a specific itch they scratch.

Excellent video. Played a friend's copy right after Kickstarter was orginally sent to backers. Watching this brought back some of memories and made me want to play it again. The dice manipulation and puzzle aspect is fun. Very satisfying when you are able to discharge a ton of patients in one turn.

Played with 2 players.

Played at RJ and Krissy's House with 2 players.

Played at Matt And Heidi H House with 2 players.

Played NMBR 9

Played at RJ and Krissy's House with 2 players.

Played at RJ and Krissy's House with 2 players.

Played at Hambones.

Played at My house with 2 players.

Played at My house with 2 players.