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Yes, although after 24 games we will prob take a short break from it.

I'll try to remeber to post here when we play that side.

It's Legacy style in the sense that you are introduced to the game in stages.  Each "era' there are a set of rules and as new era's come up, you will be introduced to new rules and new game play elements.  I played with my family and we enjoyed the game quite a bit.  At the end after 24 games we were all within a point of each other for the final score.  Which I thought was pretty cool as there were plenty of times early where it looked like one of us would run away with everything.  If you enjoy the puzzly aspect of polyominos also with the ever changing rules and elements this is def a game for you.  I will say the campaign is one shot.  You really can't play it again...unless you only played 2 players and then maybe as they give you 4 boards.  I would reccommend at least 3 though.  On the back side of that board though is a standard play board that can be played after you finish the campaign.  We have not tried that yet.

Only played 2 games last week, busy week, #My City, which we finished the last game of the campaign, and Strike, which we played about 14 games of as it's often over in a minute or two...but still lots of dice chucking fun.

Looking forward to the weeks ahead though...Just got in, #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, #Unlock! Star Wars, #T.I.M.E. Stories: Revolution - A Midsummer's Night, #The Lord of the Rings, the aniversary edition, #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun, #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion, #The Game: Are you ready to play the Game?, #Ohanami and finally #Etherfields


So I am going to be a bit busy....now...what to play first...lol.

As we moved to a new home in the past couple of weeks, gaming has been slow.  But Saturday i did get a chance to play Box One, the "escape room like puzzle game" for one player.  (https://boxonegame.com/) Neil Patrick Harris created it.  It's a target exclulsive right now.  I really enjoyed it.  It was on the simpler side (in terms of experience required to solve the puzzles) but it was quite enjoyable and used mechanics within the game box I have not seen before.  For someone that has played all the Exit game and most of the Escape room games in general i was impressed.  If you're looking for something to do for a few hours alone, this is a great experience.  Also there is nothing destroyed in the game and there is a video that shows you how to put everything together again so you can give it to a family member or firend to play when you are done.  I really like that part.

Mansion of Madness, 2nd ed

Clank Legacy

Betrayal Legacy


So many games...so little time...but I'm sure i can come up with something to buy...lol

We played #Raiders of Scythia this week.  I never played raiders of the North Sea, but i really enjoyed this game.  I have played all the West Kingdom games (so far) and do enjoy Shem Phillips games quite a bit anyway, but this game is a little different than those.  Building your raiding party and gathering your resources all the while watching your opponents and trying to figure out where they may go so you can try to get there first becaue your crew gets bonuses for going there...fun.  Its a great combination of engine building and resource gathering but unlike other games where there's very little interaction, there are limited places to raid and within those limited worker types are needed so you have to plan ahead.  I'll need red in two turns but all that is available is grey and blue but it looks like player 2 has red so as long as player 3 doesn't grab it i should be able to get it...and then player 3 grabs it and you're like why did you take that you don't have enough resources to raid that spot only to realize she has a crewmate that reduces the cost of resources for raids...ugh!...but this is what makes the game great.  Alternatively you don't really have to play the rading game all that much as you can go down the Quest path and pick thise up and score huge points just as my wife did and came screaming from third place at the end of the game to be way out in front...she ended up coming in seocond by 5 points but still...just one more quest and she would have won...Hoping to play again tonight and try out some different strats...but overall I'd recoomend this.

I agree 100% that when theme and mechanichics meld in such a way that it makes a truely cohesive experience for the player that is when a game is at it's best.  I used chess, just because it was a simple example, but I think with most games we play the theme is really just abstracted.  Especially in most Euros.  Just look at Catan, where much of this started, we are collecting resoucres to build towns, roads and cities to score points...The game could just have easily been Oil Tycoons of Texas where we are collecting resources to build roads and oil rigs of various sizes to get victory points.  That I think is the vast majority of games we play.  I think the most perfect example of this is Pandemic.  Take a specific mechanic and keep altering the theme.  You get like 7 differnet games.  which are bascially all the same...only different.  lol.  I do agree that that sometimes the game is designed with the theme specfically in mind and Star Wars Rebellion is one of those games.  It drips with theme and the mechanics are basically actions you would do if you were starring in the movie.  You could not slap Star Trek on this game and have it nechanically make sense.  But I would argue that these games are the outliers and that the vast majority of games, while the theme matteres to the person buying it, has little or no impact on the game itself.

Love those 3 games as well and you're exactly correct...it doesn't matter.

I agree with Rebellion 100%.  It's the most thematic Star Wars game as well.  

I also think that #Jaws and #Back to the Future: Back in Time are amazingly thematic and really immerse you in the theme.  Every character in Jaws plays a specific and pivitol role in the game, including the player that gets to play the shark.  It's a bit of a mind game, much like the movie, the shark tries to outthink the other players.  It's very cool.  Back to the Future, also does this through character and items and mechanics that all play a role in getting you back to the future.  Plus having a Delorian Tie machine mini never hirts any game.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition is an excellent game.  Wine making aside.(although I love wine)

As far as Wingspan goes, it's theme doesn't always gel with it's mechanics.  That's not an ideal thing, but it's not a bad thing either.  I gues I rarely knock a game because someone slapped a theme on top, especially if I like that theme.  I also don't feel the theme gets in the way of it's mechanics, so for me it's ok.  I agree its more educational than roleplay.  I don't feel I'm playing an Eagle, instead I have learned about Eagles, and so from that standpoint I think Wingspan does a nice job.  Combine it with beautiful components and easy to lean mechanincs and you have a hit.  

lol...like i said earlier...not easy.

Parks is a fun, if a bit light, game with beautiful artwork and great wooden animal meeples.  We enjoyed playing it and it certainly is worth having in your collection.  There is also a solo mode if that interests you.


With the amount of games you own it would be pretty had to make a suggestion that you don't already have.  I will say that we just got a Crokinole baord and it is a blast to play.  Maybe something outside of what you already own...