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Unlike some of the others, you only need one core set here. In that one box you get five heroes and four aspects on the player side, to face off against three villains and five additional side schemes, as well as two levels of difficulty... I'm rambling. My point is there's lots of replayability just in the core box. It's a far cry from, say, Arkham, where once you've seen the campaign once there isn't too much incentive to replay the same story as you're not in for the same sorts of surprises.

We love it. Our first game was rough as we weren't clear on the rules and made it way harder on ourselves. But after we each watched a couple of playthrough videos and gave it a second shot, we immediately decided to start buying hero packs.

It's right up there on our list of favorite games. We love the theme, it feels really heroic when you pull off a great combination of actions, and the decks capture the feeling of the heroes's abilities.

My wife, son, and I played a couple games of #Marvel Champions: The Card Game. We're still somewhat new, with only about a half-dozen games under our belt. We've been going through all the hero decks, playing through to see what we like best.

This week, we tried out Spiderman/Justice, Black Widow/Protection, and Captain Marvel/Aggression, followed by Ant-Man/Leadership, Ms Marvel/Aggression, Spider-Woman/Justice&Protection. Both resulted in wins, but we're playing in Standard mode so not too surprising.

The standouts were the Ant-Man decks for sheer fun, and Spider-Woman for some amazing versatility.