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Yes the pie chart is a nice touch! I think the informaton in the rulebook is solid - its more of the decision on how the information is presented that I find lacking. 

Great question - I am definitely getting more into solo gaming, but I really like:

#A Feast for Odin (when I have the time to set up and play)

#Fields of Arle (see above lol)


#Le Havre

#At the Gates of Loyang


#Viticulture: Essential Edition

I also like playing any of the Oniverse series games solo - especially #Urbion , #Aerion , and #Onirim.




Yeah the rulebook is the one thing about this whole package that has been frustrating to navigate - but once the game is properly understood, it is a delightful puzzle with an easy to manage solo variant.

#Ora et Labora - WHY are there not more cards!?!? While I do enjoy Uwe's other games, why do they get more deck expansions but not this one? This could easily be my favorite Rosenberg game if there just more variablity in the cards.

#Fields of Arle solo - this is just really enjoyable to play solo with plenty of paths to take...ALMOST as good as #A Feast For Odin

and #PARKS with my wife - stunning production, amazing insert which makes setup and tear down so fast, and simple rules - this game still surprises me with how much there is to think about on a given turn. Looking forward to the expansion for sure.