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Yeah that might be the problem... I've only tried it at smaller player counts 4 or less.

I've started to divert from the rules regarding the crazy camels to see if I could get them to affect gameplay even more. here is what I tried so far:


- returning crazy camel die to the pyramid so it can be rolled again in the same round. 
- letting both crazy camels move on any dice roll (to get them do several laps) after the normal move  

- letting white crazy camel move 1 space on any rolled one and black crazy camel 1 space on any rolled 2 and move both camels two spaces on any rolled 3


like I said I'm trying to love the game 😂

Will look at it. Thanks

I can recommend#Jamaica. Which is a game my family enjoys. 

well I guess I'm getting picky. Still haven't tried#Camel Up (Second Edition) on higher player counts, might be more fun?!?

1.#Inis looks like an interesting game that I would love to play if I won it 😃

2. For the sweet $200 I would get#Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game and#Concordia and#Anachrony (I might hold on to some money and try and get my hands on #The 7th Citadel)

3. If i won a RPG-kind of game or a dungeon crawler i would trade it or give it someone else to cherish 😃

Have the same problem... my group haven't shown interest in playing my copy. Hope you get to play your copy of #The 7th Continent some day! 

Enjoy some good games!

Suppose congratulations 🎉 to the winners! May some really good games find its way to your shelves 😃 

Yeah! We wanna see! Share your burden 😂

#The Taverns of Tiefenthal and#The Quacks of Quedlinburg are both made by Wolfgang W (can't spell surname) and are excellent games!  Think I like beer and pubs more than I like herbs and spices 😂 that's why

I'll look into#Spirit Island 🏝 thanks for the tip!


I know the list above is waaaay over 200 but one can dream! 🤪

That's some really good games! 👍

Sounds like you've got a sweet temporary COVID-19 safe gaming lounge! Jealous! 😃