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PlaysGame Name
1Love Letter: Premium
1Pandemic: Iberia
1Ultimate Fighters: Creatures of Titan
1Viticulture: Essential Edition

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DateGame NameWin?Location# PlayersPlayersNotes
201905215/21/2019RootLostSLO Hot House4
  • You
  • Josh
  • Trent placed: 1
  • Wayland placed: 1
Me - Woodland Alliance Trent - Vagabond Wayland - Marquise Josh - Eyrie
201905205/20/2019Ultimate Fighters: Creatures of TitanLostHabit5
  • Esmy placed: 1
  • Alma placed: 2
  • Trent placed: 3
  • You placed: 4
  • Anthony placed: 5
All cards out, showdown of pokes at the end. Esmy won. Anthony folded in the middle of the game
201905125/12/2019AzulLostGame Haus Cafe in Glendale1
  • You
201905125/12/2019Love Letter: PremiumLostGame Haus Cafe in Glendale2
  • You & scored: 2
  • Anna & scored: 7
  • You
201904244/24/2019Viticulture: Essential EditionLost2
  • You & scored: 14
  • Trent & scored: 22
First time playing. Had little money to work with year after year due to a mistake of not upgrading my cellar size early on
  • You
  • Trent
  • Anna
  • Joanne
Anna won. Joanne came in second
  • You
  • You & scored: 15
  • Trent & scored: 30
Played as the Marquise and got crushed...
201903043/4/2019Pandemic: IberiaWon1
  • You