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Co-founder of Board Game Atlas. My current 5 favorite games* are:

*Subject to change at least once every week.


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Have you had 4p sessions for those games? How long do they usually take?

Wow that is a lot of components haha. How well does the theme come across? I feel so let down when a beautiful looking game with tons of art assets don't actually deliver on that front.

Yup, getting a good official solo mode is part of the discussion :)

I wonder how that would work out, because... hidden info is a big part of the gameplay right?

I backed at $10 level so far. Still have to check out the stream. Maybe today?? So I take it that it seemed like a compelling solo game for you?

Ugh, I have a hard time saying no to metal coins, so if I end up backing, I doubt I'll say no to them xD

Thanks Wade!

  1. Which game would you pull out if 3-5 BGA folks joined you in Denton?
  2. Which designer/publisher/or anything out there inspires you to create? Why do you do it/how far are you wanting to go? (I always get inspired to get back into art when watching Pixar films. My future goal is to self-publish a chilren's book)
  3. Please recommend a great restaurant for us to visit if we're ever around!
  4. Could you share links to your YouTube channels for everyone else to see?

Hey, you stole my question! 😆  I had the same thought, curious if Wade couldn't help but let out his board gaming side when talking with families. And honestly, it's been a great icebreaker every single time, whether it's family time including my parents or when hanging out with the in-laws.

Right, I would think that their level of involvement in development would be very low, and that it's mostly okaying the depiction/use of their IP whenever a change occurs. I have no knowledge about that side of things at all.

Same here, that was the first thing that stood out to me.

Here's the current breakdown of the number of backers:

  • Entry Pledge ($72): 317 backers
  • Core Pledge ($143): 1184 backers
  • All-In Pledge ($294): 7379 backers

The number of backers going for the all-in is incredible.

And it makes sense, but shipping sure is expensive for these games. That pushes it up to more of a $100 game for the entry pledge.

You're right, I wonder why I was thinking ISS Vanguard would arrive this year lol. While most Awaken Realms will look like "too much" for me, I did like the theme of ISS Vanguard more than their other games :D

Sorry to hear that, hope you and your group will fare better soon. Has there been any game nights at all recently? It's been all solo, 2p, or family game nights for me!

I really liked how Endless Winter looked, and its mechanics seemed interesting too. The only real downside for me was that it seemed to be low on the amount of player interaction.

Has there been any updates from Cephalofair on the estimated timeline? The amount of press coverage will be amazing on that one! I wonder what kind of game they'll come out with next (will it be another Gloomhaven game?)

I love how vibrant the colors are on the games that The Mico did the art (not just the box cover, but the board and everything else too. A shelf full of those would look amazing :)