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I have been playing game for some forty years. As a child, I played lots of the classics and quickly moved on to more abstract games such as dominoes, checkers, and chess. After age ten, I discovered hex & counter war games by Avalon Hill, playing lots of zone of control games in my early teens and then moved on to Panzer Leader, Panzer Blitz, Axis & Allies and RPGs (old TSR and GURPS). In college my gaming horizons broadened even more so as I discovered a wider gaming experience with the NOVA gaming group at Texas A&M University. I am definitely a omni-gamer with a varied interest in board gaming mechanics and themes. I am very much willing to play Euro-games, war-games, business/economic games, push your luck mechanisms to card driven games. I have limited experience in social and card driven games. I am generally an easy going player and not a rules lawyer. My gaming interest had always been bigger than gaming mechanics of the 1980s and 1990s. I believe that gaming technology has blossomed and is a better fit for my interests.After letting life distract me from my board gaming pleasures for a decade or so, I have picked up the hobby again. I have been playing with groups from San Antonio, San Marcos and Austin in recent years. I want to organize and develop gaming experience locale to Lockhart, Texas.

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