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I've been into Blood Bowl on and off for the 30 years.  Good review here and makes me wants to start painting and planning.  Never finished an in-person season before.  Have done it pleny online though.

It's hard to imagine starting a new genre during the Pandemic.  I've thought about 18xx - seems like so many of them that I'd have to do some research on where to start.  I'd like to try some 1 vs. all as well.  Have Fury of Dracula, but have not played it yet.


I really like Caverna with the Forgotten FOlk expansion.  Really spices things up with different race combos, which bring in their own unique buildings.

Do you play Brass Birmingham on Tabletopia?  If so, I thought it was missing a few cards...  If not, where do you play it and how does it compare to in person?

My favorite game that I actually get to play is Terraforming Mars.  40-50 plays in and there is still more to explore with expansions and different combos to win.  Prior to the Pandemic, Twilight Imperium IV and On Mars were my favs.


It restarts the learning curve a bit if people are not familiar with the TTS controls.  However, the fact that you can save the game and play it over 2-3 sessions (and no set up or pick up needed) makes it very worth it.  If you are going to play a game that is going to take 6-10 hours, why not split it up into a few sessions?  :-) 

I'm convinced I need to get Dune Imperium.  The only thing stopping me is the pandemic (RL, not the game).  Agree with On Mars being a top game of the past year.

No more than one KS per month.  Will allow 12 in the year.

  1. What's your interest level on Glory to Rome? Would you ever spend $250 for your "grail game"?

I got mine in a trade for about $175 worth of games.

  1. Which game did you enjoy playing the most this year and why?

I got a few games on Twilight Imperium IV in on TableTop Simulator.  It's one of my faves so nice to be able leave it there and come back to it.

  1. Which game surprised you the most this year and why?

I barely played any of my new games.  I really wanted to try them out in person.

  1. As we end 2020, what are your current Top 5 games and why?

Top Five:

1. Twilight Imperium IV

2. Brass Birmingham

3. Dark Domains

4. Terraforming Mars

5. On Mars