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I am EXTREMELY TEMPTED...This is bad lolol in the best way possible though! 

I keep telling myself "there is room for one more" lol

HAHA yes you are getting quite the haul of games! You are bound to get games that are not a good fit for you and your group!

That makes sense especially if you are not a gamer or do not like the spotlight!

Patchwork definitely is more streamlined that Isle of Cats! probably can be played in like 25-30 minutes with a teach included...

I commend you greatly for using your winnings from this last giftcard giveaway to make other peoples gift that much better! Power to you!

WOW You are a very generous gift giver! Though I am learning that these secret santa escapades are very much a show of generosity! I think I envisioned people would stay close to the minimum but man people really blow it up and make it an experience! It is very heartwarming! 

I will just reinforce your feelings on truly is a blast lol. It is not anything that will burn your brain but it is pure fun!

Light but fun week this week!

  • #Patchwork x4 @ 2-players (duh) - I had a friend of mine over on Tuesday night and he had very little experience with games and I intended to play this as a warmup game but he just loved it! Got 4 plays in and I won the first three but he snagged the last one!
  • #Space Base @ 4-players - I did not think I would like this one as much as I did. The artwork did nothing for me and the pics I saw just seemed like a jumbled mess but the game was fun! A little luck dependent but there are ways to mitigate which helped! I would play again for may have helped that I won lol. 

I think they do a great job of supporting their current IPs! They know their products and they listen to their customers! 

I typically agree with you, I only support a KS if I know it will fulfill and if it will be a solid game from a reputable developer.