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"Take a pic and post it!" *potential Spoilers* image
"Take a pic and post it!" *potential Spoilers* [Aeon's End: Legacy]Christmas LoveLoveLikeChristmas LikeTrophy| 14 comments | [+]
Pax Pamir (2nd Edition) First Impressions [Pax Pamir (Second Edition)]LoveLike| 28 comments | [+]
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Game night! Like| 29 comments | [+]
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Oh heck ya! I have had my eye on both of those character packs!

Yaaaa they just add so much tactile loveliness it is hard to deny that!

And this is why I love supporting Wehrlegig...they always want the best for their games and customers!

I think that would be cool! I think a game like Oath will also help that cause. 

Ya I am curious too! It has been received well by a good amount of publicaitions with prerelease stuff

Ahhh I see what you are saying. Yea I think it would be worth it. Very appropriate too considering the subject matter...greed at its finest lol

Ya that does look interesting. I watched a playthrough of the first chapter and it looks pretty brutal lol

On the campaign is actually has them as double the cost...$15 versus $30!

I am most likely in the same boat. The production of the game is just so high and it would be a shame to play with cardboard money lol

I have not either but Solosaurus and Game Brain have raved about his solo modes. He tends to branch off from the normal deck base automas

At this I might add them later depending on how I feel lol

Totally agree, him and David Turczi seem to be the top of the solo mode world. 

I am sure it will shift and change. I have already seen some rules adjustments to the base game just today that I would imagine impact the solo mode. The negotiation and promises system seems like a compelling way to keep the idea of leverage active in the solo mode!

YAaaa it is all about mental prep for this type of game. You gotta come in ready to get hurt lol

Mmmm I definitely made mistakes early on with Black Panther. I did not realize I could only use his upgrades when I play the Wakanda Forever card. I also did not realize I had to discard Captain Marvels Energy Channel after discarding the counters on the card. Definitely was overpowered until I realized my mistakes!

Lol the only gameplay I have seen is with Ricky Royal and he always makes things seem really obvious but I fully admit that I dont know the game well!

DUDE! These are dope. I am honestly considering snagging this game when I can find it. It seems like a game that is high interaction with a fairly low rules overhead?