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Finally a great DIY craft article. I hope to see a lot more of these here on the BoardGameAtlas.

Thank you Alee!

I just got a price alert, so it is working for me at the moment.
I only met with an other issues, when I am going to my messages I do not see some of the people I started a conversation with in the list.

Just make sure you pay with your AMEX through PayPal on MM, otherwise you won t see you $5 credit. :)

Usually I don t like the result when they turn a cartoonish theme into 3D animation, but I think for Root they did it very nicely.
And congrats to phyl :)

#Nagaraja for $24 is a highly rated 2 player game and the lowest price I ve seen.
The Amex offer makes the deal even better.

After checking out the comparison of the new and the old version I think that they made some nice updates to the design and functionality of the cards. But bigger size of wonder boards, also the day and night side does not make sense.

They say that they balanced some of the wonders. Well than they better sell an update pack for the old edition if they don t wanna piss off people who already bought the game with all expansions.

For people who like/ok with the old edition design and they don t own the game its gonna be a good chance the get one under $20.

Wow, that s some great news! :) and also congratulations!

Yeah, I spotted the come backs of the Consulting Detective too, I did not think that that game draw that much attention since it is not really a board game :)

wow, I did not know about this Bounty Game stuff till now :)

How do I start the video? Am I missing something here?
Happy to see Robinson Crusoe on top though :)

Thank you for helping to build and improve the game database :) There s an option to report a duplicate, you can find it under the mechanics and categories game info in the Toolbox section. There are a few games, especially expansions that still have a duplicate copy with a slightly different name. Just edit the one that is more complete, or check the price links if they are accurate and they really point to that game. You can also add games that are missing from the database :)

Pretty tight race :) I vote on Empires of the north, I haven t played it but it feels like it can be interesting playing solo.

Me too, hopefully its gonna  be back in stock with the original low price tag.

I haven t played any of these either, but the theme of The Quest for El Dorado feels a bit closer to me, so I think I ll give that a try sooner than Clank! :)

I like Jaipur but it is highly competitive. So it can easily  end up in a fight :)

Also there is a free pair of Tiny Towns promo cards on AEG website (1 per purchase). Shipping is $1.20.

I have a few games for trade in CA:

  • Troyes+Ladies of Troyes
  • Rise of Tribes + Deluxe components
  • Agricola Revised edition + 5-6 Player Expansion
  • TIME Stories + 5 expansion
  • Planet
  • Jaws
  • 7th Continent Collector edition cards in Classic edition box
  • 7th continent 9 mini expansion KS bundle

Looking for: Ticket to Ride ASIA, Shadows over Camelot, Villainous Base game,  Architects of the West Kingdom, Through the ages, Western Legends, Tokaido Matsuri Minis or check my wishlist :)

I like the art of Concordia, it is discretely colorful and simple :) I usually prefer wood tokens over the realistic ones, to me only the cloth token is odd from the set:)
Which metal coin set did you get for the game?

I don t remember if it was built in to the site, but with your BGA username you can get recommendations here: