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Thanks a lot guys!

Time to evaluate that wishlist :D


i agree, I like it as well; we live outside the city center, close to green area; an ideal combo

Mechelen, a city between Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium (Europe)

user avatars sorry. Were'nt there little picture (avatars) next to user names when posting? Or are they online shown in certain areas?

I'm still having trouble, really slowly grasping who says what because of the small written usernames and lack of visual identification. 

I miss the player avatars.
I need a graphical hook to identify people
now it's just a cascade of text :/ 

Great review, thanks.

Looks like a clever game that can make you feel clever.
Well that was my clever remark...

Is the part where you try to match your marker and the color of the card an AP causer or not so much?

yeah forget to mention it is regular Gloomhaven and not JotL.

Been playing 5 single missions with 3 people this week (1 hero per player)

Quite addictive really :D

Been playing some co-op scenario's with 2 players (2x2 heroes) and 3x1 hero on the pc game (steam).

Time flies thinking about possible strategies :)

oh darn, no shipping available for EU for that falliut. shipping would make up for the price reduction anyway :p

Wow that giveaway page is stuffed with cool stuff! 

Same question here; it was my biggest concern watching this

So many but the general rule that works best is for me is:

if the playercount is >=5; I try to go for: (in that order of impact)

  • games with synchronous turns,
  • very short turns with only one action
  • strong co-op
  • Enough to think and plot when it's NOT your turn

lukily, many games have one or more of those boxes to tick

I'm a big fan of absurd humour; how the guy pitches cards is a lot like the random ideas we pitched for sketches on TV as a mental challenge to be as ra,domly absurd as possible :)



just sometimes it feesl like this at work too though :p


Well I want on a little study and found out a lot of art is rather static. 

It often pictures the landscape or geographical scope of where it all takes place.
That's a classic.

It isn't that easy to ifnd "dynamic" boardgame art.I just encountered a pictured from #Great Wall as well: pic

Nothing new but a good combo of grit and quality of detail. That's a sweet dynamic feel


I love it when it is a combo of fun and grit like

Box art Paladins of the West Kingdom

Box art Rool

Always great when something with a flair of cartoonish style can have a sinister conotation 


The art on the box of Gloomhaven is a missed chance in my opinion.
The art is beautiful but I remember it took a while for me to get over the "what's the fuss about anyway?" phase, because of me having a low expectation just because of the box art. As soon as I learned how it worked, I was very fascinated!

Art that shows some heroes and an impeding danger always work well on me. 
They chack some boxes;
the protagonist? the antagonist? the setting? the tone of voice? They are all answered in that kind of box :)
Even though they don't tell you how you fell; you'll have a certain expectation to say the least.

Take #Mice and Mystics for example. you're mice. small but clearly prepared and brave. The evil is still above you. this means in this stage, evil is still in control. Yet they obviously seem brave and up for an enemy that's ready to strike. Simple and classic but the imagination has a lot to fill because of the good balance between information given and space kept open for you to imagine. 

#Hero Quest tells you even more. It says they're will be a shitload of monsters and even if oyu are in this together, you might wind up battling some on your own, doing what your character is good at.

To answer your question; I think #Cry Havoc appeals to me as a game but the theme seemed like a bad pick. I'm a sci-fi lover but the shallow action movies about "high tech suits, big gun, mean face" thing was a thing of the past as soon the movie Startship Troopers created a milestone that the best serious effort AND satire in one.



Great thread this is becoming; it sparks joy to see a fresh new gamer in this community is overwhelmed by enthousiasm :). Signs of a great community!

Haven't played most of them and I even didn't even check some of them so it's hard to tell :)

The way the deckbuilding works in the pathfinder card game always seemd like a good balance between elegance, depth and RPG elements. It's a quick game but the drawback is dat you and your deck don't have much interaction with other players. The deckbuilding in Gloomhaven isn't very dynamic but a lot more fit for finding "lucky/determined combo-ish" combinations. Conclusion; I like deckbuilders where abilities and stats interact with other peoples decks; giving more depth to the co-op aspect.

*insert Han Solo shrugging*


Hey, I left it open with Descent 2nd edition! ;)


Welcome aboard!

Great to read what brought you to gaming and this community!

I can imagine you loved #Too Many Bones 

Although I think Gloomhaven and Spirit Island are excellent titles, going forth on your experience and request for co-op and dice, you might want to conside either #Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition (if you are into fantasy) or #Star Wars Imperial Assault if you are into Star Wars. (I like both :p). 

I suggest these titles because they are obviously co-op, have RPG elements and have a nifty dice mechanic.

A lot depends on who you will be playing with of course. These games shine if you can do a campaign with the same people over the course of multiple sessions! (read= multiple hours per session as well!)


Art style, also on the box, influences my "attention" phase in the AIDA process a lot.

(4 phases of a consumer :Attention (what's this?) -> Interest (hmm, this tickles my interest)-> Desire (wanting it) -> Action (buying it)) 


Although, art style could be any style to make me interested.

Your El Dorado example is obviously pretty classic and while the artistic approach is, as a whole, more pleasing, the classic one performs better in creating expectations. The first one "it is a boardgame" for example. :)

Even though, both examples underperform (for me) when it coems to expections on how it will make me FEEL playing it. No action going on, no action-snapshot,...

I like boardgames (which are, in physical nature, very static), add the action element in the artstyle. Especially for games where conforntation or direct competition are the main ingredients.
It is not strictly necessary though. I love and own many games with static art on the box and in the game components.

Thanks to the internet, we can see high res pictures and videos of what is in the box and how the components works..even physically. 

A cartoonish style can work for me with the right amount of grit AND the right amount of "simplification" like line-art and cell shading. 

Art doesn't want me to buy something more but an artyle that puts me off or just isn't my thing will make scoring drop seriously. Art doesn't need to be complicated or super high level. It needs to be balanced, fitting a certain feel and dynamic.