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Nobody mentioned #Spheres of Influence: Struggle for Global Supremacy yet? It's what I remember to be  called "Risk, but better"?

great, enjoy your win!


I have the same concenr but I guess they'll be well aware if that.

They'll have to simplify the math somewhat and perhaps expand on another end to compensate.
Curious to see a new sort of combo's or at least a clever way to have elegant math doing the same kind of combo's!

Gloomhaven is great and works well on pc but IA will be smoother gameplay, less AP and less things to do to handle a combat; it's a bit more streamlined. If Gloomhaven mechanics were ok for you and your wife; IA will fot like a glove qua complexity

Not so long ago, you posted the exact same thing. I appreciate your efforts and I even provided some feedback about it. (49 days ago)

Now you returned to post the exact same thing again. Why not use the same thread and post your evolution there. Now it feels like spam.

I checked the game and it looks like the "klon centaur" guitar pedal of the board game scene or something. Rediculously overpriced for a good/ok game :p | For a Grail Game 250 is a stretch unless it is some pack with expansions etc.

I hav'nt played much this year due to Covid but the pc version of Gloomhaven with 3 friends was a blast!

Slay the psire; it's a card game on my iPhone that wouldn't be playable on a tabletop due to the % modifiers etc but it "feels" like a classic card game. graphics are meh but the elegance of speed of this game is remarkeable.


1: still #Star Wars: Rebellion
2: #Gloomhaven
3 and 4: undecided between #Everdell and #Paladins of the West Kingdom
5: #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game

Why? the mix of theme and "feeling in control"


I did not mean seperate tiles but chuncks of tiles together; like chuncks of 10 to 30 tiles together. by placing these chuncks together differently, you have a different map each time

haha yes; I love that's it's you! 

and yes, yo do post in a functional and social matter; your dediaction to the win-win of this compo deserves recognition :)


congratz All! 

Such a sweet prize! :D


A rule? moahaha, you had it coming bro! :D
But yeah; you are part of the engine here! ;)


clear video; good explenation, solid editing.

Elegant production for an elegant game :D

2 options;


  • Redesign your map is seperate chuncke that you can join together in many ways
  • take this file and cut it in to 4 or 6 pieces with a graphical program like photoshop, gimp (free) or artweaver (free)

My recommendation is the first option; to have flexibility during gametesting



Gut feeling and trying to do cool things! Booyah!

No issue with losing from AI, it's always cheating anyway :D

The game isn't really for me but I love the video; clear pronounciation, slick camerawork and editing!

Not on my want list but I do see one of the kids gaining interest in this one some day


How is the player interaction in this game? 
Does it impact your own plans or is the interaction mostly being blocked because somebody else was first?


I've been meddlign with designs for a while now and these nuggets of advice might help you. Feel free to ignore hem completely.

- More than 4 resources is going to drag your game and make it more complex than perhaps necessary. Since your goal is not trade etc you might want to consider simplyfying that.

- Focus on what the player FEELS

  • powerful?
  • clever?
  • devious?
  • strong?
  • Intimidating?

try figuring out how the changes you make impact those feelings

- try a modular approach for you map at first so that you can quickly put some tiles together to create a different kind of map for testing purposes. it could be your original map chopped in several pieces.

- a first design often suffers om 'I want to put everything in it". I still battle that regularly. One day I want a deckbuildign alement in it, then i want crafting, then I want a lot of tactical military play. 
Find a focus and pout the other idea in other projects.
Aim for a main mechanic and some helping mechanics that modify your main mechanic. scale, speed, depth, ... make sure the secundary mechanics interact as well. That's why starting with the main 'toy', the main mechanic is important.

- test with your friends and don't worry if they find ways to break your game. Good friends try to do that so your next version works out a flaw.

- kill your darlings. You might love a certain mechanic but it will not work for your game.

It's good to draw inspiration from existing games you love. Certanly in your first designs.
You know what makes them strong or weak. 


Enjoy the proces and be patient; combining mechanics can be a tedious but rewarding job when you come up with a clever hybrid!