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I didn't even know Obsession was out of print! I'd love to win a copy.

*My interest in #Inis is high. I don't currently own a game like this.

*I would definitely buy 1-2 expensive games. All of my games are on the cheaper to medium cost side, so one impressively expensive game would be awesome.

I can't really make a good comparison to other games since #Eldritch Horror is the only Lovecraftian game I've played. It has a pretty steep learning curve, but once you've got the rules down, it's a pretty fun cooperative game. The scope is global, and the recommended player count reflects it. The game can technically play up to 8 people, but I think it works best at 2-5 although I have played a few games solo to get that itch and it still works solo. Like I said I can't really compare to other Lovecraftian games, but I hear it's more streamlined than #Arkham Horror, and I'm assuming more complicated than #Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

I probably play once every couple months. It's been getting easier to find people to play as I introduce the game to more and more friends. 

And yea the game can be pretty long. First play through trying learn the rules took 6 hours but I've managed to chop it down to a tidy 3.

I have not but it looks intriguing. So if you're not really into the Game of Thrones books or TV show, you will probably not like #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition. The game itself is not very fun or balanced. There's too many rules and potential for hurt feelings. BUT as a huge GoT fan, the immersion the game provides is amazing.

1. Someone from Reddit suggested visiting BGA for board game price history and sales. Ended up staying for everything else this site has to offer.

2. Technically I started as a kid. I was infatuated with #Monopoly, #Sorry!, and #Risk. My interest died as I had no one to play with then I started getting serious again while I was in college about 7 years ago.

3. #Terraforming Mars #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition #Eldritch Horror