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Kallax Club [Terraforming Mars]LoveLikeChristmas Love| 36 comments | [+]
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New Acquisitions [Skulk Hollow, Too Many Bones: Undertow]Like| 8 comments | [+]
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Expansion acquisitions [Too Many Bones: Undertow, Too Many Bones: Nugget]Like| 10 comments | [+]
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witcher and the foundation settings both sound amazing. I think there's a #The Witcher game but I haven't look too much into it.

After a few more plays of solo #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, I'll get back into this. I really love to immerse myself in the lotr theme. I hope they keep doing reprints of some old content packs. 

I've played a few times but I sadly bought this just before the pandemic to play with a very specific co-worker that shared my interests in lotr.Those plans never panned out much. I'd love to get back in it and buy a couple more expansions at some point. 

When I saw #Terraforming Mars for the first time, I loved the theme and possible mechanics and the card art and look held me back. I've played it since (the original) and ironically I'm not too interested on Ares. Just doesnt seem different enough to warrant another game for me. I know the mechanics are different but it just "feels" too similar if that makes sense. 

Most anticipated is definetly #Burncycle since I backed it and I'm wating on january's kickstarter update. As for the rest #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile is up there since it looks amazing. I'm interested in a lot of Leder previous games so I really need to start somewhere lol. 

Yeah I've definetly been more focused on news lately, thought I have small christmas haul post coming up at some point.  

Have not played scythe enough to have a favorite expirience. I've wanted it for a very long time but some how I always postpone it (don't even know why, I love the theme especially). That being said, at 7 sounds amazing. I never have a group big enough to play at high player counts like that. 

I think the first game I bought was #Coup, don't actually remember why though, probably wanted to step up from CAH and a friend of mine had expirience with a few games. After that, #Star Wars: Armada with my brother then  #Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures#Inis. 

Apart from Coup, I think the other games are pretty odd to start a collection but they made sense at the time. As a star wars fan armada was a dream come true, massive space ships battling it out. It looks awesome on the table and I loved playing with my brother. SUSD introduced me to Inis and its beautiful art and elegant play and I had to have it. And for sherlock I was looking at a more personal 2 player expirience and the theme was perfect for the person I wanted to play with. 

I think there was no turning back when I had my hands on Inis, its been my favorite game sense. But more recently, after buying #Too Many Bones: Undertow and backing #Burncycle. Two very expensive games that would have been unthinkable before but now they make sense. 

the game looks beautiful, I'll probably get this one if the game turns out solid, which I'm pretty confident it will. I've never made the leap to root since I've always thought it better at higher player counts and the learning curve somewhat steep, but its ever always on my wishlist.

Right after this, they double down with insults. I am so done with that thread (specifically with the hostile posters), truly full on trolls. 

Ironically the original posters where super active on christmas eve, christmas but now that the matter is being addressed, non of the original posters have said anything. Not too surprising I guess.

you skimmed through the rulebook? Yeah it definetly references in that way. have you seen the battle squence reference sheet? lol, that's something. 

Also, do you have an interest in a game like  falling sky?

Trent this is an amazing solution and put together super fast!

It is likely too. But I'll reserve that for when we play a full game. Hopefully its soon. I bought this for his bday back in july/august lol.

Oh I'll definetly end up liking the game, I'm a history buff and the history theme is obviously super strong here. The fact that each faction has differing victory conditions (even allies) , abilities and set up is awesome. I had a particularly hard time figuring out battle out comes on that first playthrough but I really want to play again. We only had about 2.5 hours of setup/play so it wasnt enough but I got a preview of how the game plays out. 

I read #Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar, ponderous tome with a higher complexity than I'm accustomed to but it offers a few different resources (aids) that make it easier to digest and reference back. Had a short learning seassion with my dad on that one. Just before that, I read #Terraforming Mars and it was pretty straight forward. I thought I fudge a rule about placing ocean tiles (before heating 0 C temp) but it turned out I didn't. 

yes, too many bones love! I played the first few solo missions of #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion last week and it was really cool. Perfect tutorial. 

Thanks for posting and thanks for providing a sanity check over at the bgg thread. Sensible points. 

The #Inis boxes look beautiful! Remember, once you know the few green cards by heart, its a different game entirely! Also, I've been eyeing #The Blood of an Englishman for a while, looking forward to your thoughts. Congrats!

Oh wow you went all out on the space theme, love it! Merry christmas!

I read your thread over at bgg and here. Your attitude from the very first moment you discover bga is super hostile. I understand the point you make about user pictures but apart from that, most other info here on bga is just general info from a game that would not change depending on the source : name, description, publisher, player count etc. So I don't understand your hostility. From the very start you have an us vs them mentality when the purpose of this website is to expand the gaming community and have an alternative place of discussion while also making gaming data more accesable (in part to developers). I obviously don't claim to speak for trent but I've seen he's approuche first hand what he wants to build, while you assume the worst out of nowhere. 

It is ironic and dissapointing that you come here in this ill manner. You can read how civil most discussion are here and how welcoming everyone is, in large part cause they want a more welcoming community than bgg. 

I read that you mention jamey from stegmeier games, he is well aware of this website and has even commented on some posts. 

Also, you say everything is copied but I have personally edited a few entries myself checking both publisher and bgg pages and I know for a fact descriptions are the same. For example I've edited a few games from ffg.