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In that case, lab rats! But only cause they look super fun heh. But tbh honest you can't go wrong with gasket or nugget. 

I'd recommend gasket from this list since It's the one with the more unique mechanics. I bought nugget as one of my first character expansions though, and she's real fun. Tink is sadly the weakest gearloc from what I've read and more so in solo, still interested in him tho. 

I second this, the game structure is pretty simple and the rules that need to be teached upfront are not many. The hardest part is teaching how to get around character sheets so that new players know where to look and how to upgrade and use abilities. Apart from this, the meat of the game is in battles and can be explained mostly while playing a battle. 

Also there are definetly harder characters to start with. For example, I'd never teach the game to a less expirienced player using stanza (very different core mechanics). Similar to stanza probably ghasket, interns and dart. 

I started my gaming journey with coup! Kemet is really fun,  I suggest you check out other mattagot games in that same dudes on a map vein: #Inis and#Cyclades. 

Inis is one of my favorite games and the art style is beautiful.


yup, still here. 

the right attitude! Stormtroopers are just 2 coats of paint!

Sadly very very small. I had the perfect gaming store next to my house for about 2-3 years and last christmas it closed. Thankfully I met a bunch of cool people. But modern board games are not widely visible here and gaming stores are forced to cater to card games like magic or dragon ball to stay alive so theres not that much product in most stores. In some ways I resent those card games because of that reason. 

But anyway I try to do my part introducing modern games to as many people as I can lol. 

From blood rage a couple of years ago. THe mini is not entirely finished here, just found the picture I had in hand. 

Yes, I do use citadel paints mostly and a few vallejo too. They are great, personally preffer citadel but theyre both good. I've never used the pigments/inks line of paints though, what I meant by concentrated pigment is that they are thicker and should be thinned down for more coverage, better finish and better handling with the brush. 

I also do dry brushing from time to time. Highlighting after washing I usually skip since I feel the most time consuming part of the whole process. 

lol, yeah those lighting techniques are a bit advanced. Same here. 

Yeah, I read a lot of people usually thinking that painting minis to be table top ready is way harder than it is. Its really not and following a lot resources out there helps a lot. 

Born and raised in Puerto Rico ! 

wow these are great points. Can't stress enough about the primer and cheap vs expensive paints. I personally use grey and tan primers (spray can) and then add a thin layer of white acrylic paint. I also have a bunch of higher end paints but definetly complement with cheap acrylics. Also, I always thin my paints with some water, this is specially important with expensive paints that are way more concentrated in pigment. I'd like to add that a wash of nuln oil (citadel) makes a world of difference to have instant highlights/shadows on minis and is probably the least complex technique.