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Finished up more #Arkham Horror: The Card Game, specifically, we played #Barkham Horror: The Card Game - The Meddling of Meowlathotep Scenario Pack. The puns and flavor text were fun, but we all wished the scenario was a little more interesting. 

However, we are finally taking a break from Arkham, and we are going to move on to #Gloomhaven!! Not JOTL, but I'm sure we'll be fine. We'll be starting this Friday and I'm excited. 

I can't wait to see some weird ones here. I don't remember a whole lot of them but I only remember a few. The worst offenders are the ones that don't even apply to everyone, like the Azul one you mentioned... Very out of touch indeed. 

Out of the ones I do happen to remember, the most irksome for me is #Lobotomy - whoever is the most insane or something? I forgot the exact wording, but we decided to go with the character with the least amount of sanity. Still a weird one though. (Plus we decided not to try playing it again after one time anyways) 

Generally, after the first time or second time, I just ignore these rules completely. Sometimes it ends up being the same person all the time. So instead I'd just alternate it to the next person. Like in #Horrified, the person who most recently ate garlic goes first. I use garlic in my cooking pretty much constantly as it's staple in my household, but I don't feel like it's fair for me to always go first. I can see how it's thematic though! 

I don't remember any other ones unfortunately. 

Oh geez, I responded to this post in my head but didn't actually physically do it hahaha... 
(You can blame my business with schooling on this) 

The main screen is a lobby and you can join public rooms; there should be a list for you to pick! There's also a chatbox in the main screen to find people to play with as well.

And assuming you're the host of the room, unless you've bought DLC, you'd need to subscribe to usermade mods (which are free) on Tabletop Simulator's workshop on Steam. I haven't had the chance to play with random people because I prefer playing with my small group of friends, so I can't say I know what the community is like though. 

I've actually never used BGA. I'm simply a TTS user by default since that's the only one I've bothered to try. I'm really satisfied with it though, so I haven't ventured to other platforms. I definitely do agree with you in that TTS would be less accessible - especially because you actually have to pay for it to begin with. 

Oooh, I love the shop designs in Bargain Quest!! I was immediately drawn to it when I tried out the game with my friends. I absolutely love how distinct and unique each of them were, though my favorite is probably the witchy/occulty one. I only played it once, so I didn't get a chance to see all the characters though. 

Oooh, the new look looks great! I can see more without having to scroll as much. I am using light mode. 

Not sure what the Discount filter does or how it works though. 

I'm largely unaffected since I'm a TTS user, but I also feel concerned for the smaller game developers. ): 

Plus, I never hear anything good about Asmodee Digital. 

Ahaha my video game backlog is also forever growing. I still have games from a few years back... that's also still shrikwrapped! So I started working on it. 

Ahh, that's kind of a bummer for me then. I guess I'm a purist after all because after you told me that my interest shot way down lol. Though I should try it before making any judgments/ But still, I agree with you; card scanning sounds more gimmicky and I like the feeling of self-progression! 

There's a lot of Sherlock Holmes themed games out there. This one I mentioned has you examining physical props and booklets, maps, etc, included with the actual game, so I think it lends to the feeling that you're really solving a mystery! The idea is to see if you can solve it faster than Sherlock Holmes, but I think most people just forget or ignore about that part, since the consensus is that the "fun part" is the case-solving aspect. 

Sorry for the super slow response. My baking addiction had gotten the best of me! I standy by my initial thoughts: it sounds pretty fun! And I bet it felt good to solve it eventually, despite following the wrong leads haha. It sounds like something I'd enjoy! Been also working on some of my video gaming backlog and went through a few mystery games as well. 
Tbh I don't think I'm super interested in Chronicles of Crime... Mostly due to the fact that an extra device is required. Maybe I'm a just a purist though, since I haven't actually tried many games that needed an app included. This Detective game on the other hand, seems up my alley - even with the final report thing.

Have you and Sarah played #Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: The Thames Murders & Other Cases? This was popular on TTS a while back. I threw it on my list but still haven't asked my friends about it. As far as I know, no dice or luck involved and relies on actually investigating items.

Hahaha, nah, the first scenario is understandably difficult. From what you told me, it sounds like you guys would've at least reached a resolution where you guys didn't straight up die. There is a... small glimmer of hope lol. 
I hope your next attempt goes a little better. Sorry that you guys had a frustrating first-time experience. ): 

How'd the Detective game go? It looks pretty cool!

Oh man, I forgot I actually played #Captain Sonar before! That was super fun. I don't remember the name of my role, but I was supposed to listen to the other team's movements and record them. It was especially funny because at one point they were bickering about where to go haha. They confused and bamboozled me in the end though :P 

Ouch. But that's pretty normal, so don't worry about it. I hope you read the resolution still, because depending on how you were actually defeated, you might not actually be dead.

But yes, I totally understand why you guys picked Roland+Wendy. It's definitelly a strange and poor recommendation from FFG (Fantasy Flight Games). I hope you didn't think I was cussing you out LOL. It's definitely not Sarah playing poorly, the starter deck is just badly constructed, and you guys don't have the means to make it better. I think... Wendy could probably only kill the rats, evade and run from everything else. I'm sorry that you guys had such a poor first experience. ): 

I wouldn't fault you guys if you both preferred to simply start over the next time you try. I highly recommend Roland + Agnes in that case. Agnes is more well-rounded, and at least her deck isn't straight up awful.
(Tip: on Agnes, if you want to play Arcane Initiate, play it right before the agenda advances, then the doom added by the ally is inconsequential! It's an amazing ally to help find your spells!)
It'll still be a difficult scenario since, like you researched, you don't have another core set or expansions. You can proxy cards too though; my group does that sometimes! Regardless, I think it would provide a better experience since both of you will feel like you're both contributing more. 

Honestly, those are pretty valid and normal experiences. Can I know which resolution you guys ended up getting? :P One thing about this game is that... it's okay to "lose". Even partial wins can be good. Sometimes the story still continues without it! 
I can't speak for the modifiers in JOTL though, still haven't played it haha...
(PS; sorry for the wall of text)

But yes, AH:LCG is pretty challenging, and the rules are a bit of a slog to get through. Heck, it took me a pretty long time to understand it all. Usually being able to play with someone who already knows how to play is better.

Roland is a pretty solid choice for the first game. I've never played Wendy for the first campaign, but probably not a good choice (see 3rd bullet point). I've always played Roland + Agnes. Because Roland can do both clue finding and fighting, and so can Agnes (with her spells), and their cardpools don't overlap. 

Getting negatives is always be the highest probability, and the majority are probably going to be -2's, so you'd normally want to be at least +2 skill value on your tests. I understand the autofail is frustrating though!! I've had more than my fair share as well - especially in my most recent session. 😭

Here's some tips on strategy for your next run, if you guys ever do it! You may or may not know these already though haha.

  • Try to set up assets on your first turn. Passives boosts from you assets are your best friend, which brings me to my next tip.
  • You have one free mulligan when you draw your opening hand, meaning you can redraw some or all of your opening hand for free once even before the game starts. You want to draw hard for your assets that you want to set up right away! Whoever does the fighting is gonna want their weapon in their opening hand. 
  • Some card choices in the starter decks are just plain bad. Like Knife... on Wendy. Who has a 1 in combat. And honestly Knife is just kind of horrible LOL. I just took a look at Wendy's cardpool and frankly, her deck isn't very good and her options are poor and limited, unless you have the other expansions. Her starter deck primarily focuses on evading and fighting (FFG, why would you do this?), which is unfortunate as her intellect is pretty decent for picking up clues, but needs a bit of boost for that, which is only available in later expansions. This means unless Wendy has "Look what I've found!" and her amulet to recursively use it, Roland has to grab clues. He excels in both enemy management and finding clues, but he can't do it all. Wendy is a lackluster fighter here at best and can't pull her own weight; picking someone else might be better. Sorry ): 
  • Evading enemies means they exhaust and therefore do not attack in the enemy phase. But they ready up in the upkeep phase, so it means you're safe to be in the room with them at the beginning of the next enemy phase. 
  • Deck building is also requires some thinking as well. Think about what you lacked in your last run, and see if there are some things that you need to replace (e.g. if you never have enough resources, maybe you need more cards that help you with resources, or you have too many expensive assets. You need to try finding that balance) - however this is probably difficult to do with only a single core set. 

I think I'll stop here for now. No more information overload for now.

Last week, I played #Pandemic - properly this time. We did fairly well. I thought my randomly chosen role was going to totally useless, but it ended up being a really great combo with my friends' roles! I was really surprised at that outcome. 

I also played #Horrified for the first time! We played it wrong the first time though. Oops. But we replayed it with the correct rules, and I definitely enjoyed both times! My friends did too, so it was a good casual co-op. 

Also, a given at this point, since I play it just about every week, but #Arkham Horror: The Card Game

That's unfortunate, but atl east you gave it a shot! 
Got a reason why? Perhaps I can change your mind hahah. Though I wouldn't fault you guys for not enjoying it - there's plenty of reasons why that could be. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, and from the sounds of it, I was also pretty sure Sarah wouldn't be too into it. :P 

Definitely more for me. I just played a session yesterday (: 
A few of my friends got TTS! I'm really excited to be able to play with them. Covid will still be around for a while, so I'm sure my friends and I would feel safer playing online as well. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to meet physically to play, but we don't exactly have a good playing space/table at the moment anyway. The FLGS we used to play at was the best midpoint between members of our group, and now it's been closed permanently, as far as I know. 

Generally, I like both - I don't prefer one or the other. Perhaps I'm just glad I can even play at all.
I can see my friends opting for online gaming for our campaigns though. Easier set up time, no need to scramble for a meeting location, no need for gas money, comfort of your own home, etc. And now, it's safer. That's a win in our books. At least for now. 

I probably need to think about this more, but one thing I know for sure is that I want to make time to play more. Previously, I was just satisfied with my usual group with the same ongoing campaign, once a week, but a few friends of mine have purchased TTS so that we may play online together. I need to make time to play with them before I get busy at the end of this month!! 

Played some #Wingspan with my friend. I also got to try #Pandemic for the first time! Unfortunately, my friend who taught us found out the next day that she forgot something in the rules so we actually ended up playing it wrong. I'm excited to try again! 

We wrapped up our old fanmade campaign. This last scenario was the most well-balanced of them all. We didn't get the best ending but it is what it is. (:
We started a new fanmade campaign for #Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This one starts with us all as amnesiacs on an old creepy culty(?) spaceship. And so far, I've been enjoying it! We are playing again tomorrow and am excited for it as well. 

I saw that post very briefly, but I'm glad I saw some very level-headed responses. I'm glad to hear you guys are handling it well. Definitely nice to see an overview of what you guys are aware of and working on! 

Any particular reason? I'm just curious. To me, abstract games don't look super exciting at first glance because of their lack of obvious theme. 

A LOT!! Pretty much the same as what everyone else has written currently, but even more. I suppose the only one I don't see out of the bunch yet is #Azul. I'd definitely still like to try it! It looks like something I could play with family even with a language barrier. 

Merry Christmas everybody! 
No board games on the day of Christmas, since we didn't meet up with family this year. ): 
I spent the days surrounding Christmas playing board games on TTS though! Which I don't have pictures of hahah... 

Look at those hauls though! Must be exciting to try them out! 

Yep. But I'm glad the game holds very well on its own regardless of art! That's a nice thing to hear. 

I agree. It's been especially amazing during the pandemic. Such a fantastic value. I found it invaluable to play with my usual group for our campaigns! Bonus if it's well-scripted. It makes the setup so much easier/faster.

I've also heard that the creator of Gloomhaven also gave his approval of the usage of TTS mod for their game. And that it's very well-scripted as well. So those who want to start campaigns for Gloomhaven but can't because of the meetup restrictions/social distancing, this is a very safe way to do it! 

Time to tell my friends in case they missed the last sale!! 

I've generally only heard good things about #Santorini, but the only potentially negative thing I've heard is.... the artstyle. Not an objective flaw though. And I have to admit, I'm not too keen on the artsyle either, but that's definitely my bias talking! 

No problem! Take your time, that game isn't goin' anywhere! 

Oh yeah for sure. Many people play it solo, I'm just not one of them haha. Since you only have one core set, there's a limited amount of combination of investigator pairings that don't overlap cards. (I'm assuming you'll play two-handed/control 2 investigators) 
Here are the combinations: 
- Roland and Agnes 
- Roland and Wendy
- Daisy and Skids
- Daisy and Wendy
- Agnes and Skids

You can find more information on the given "starter" decklists here. Scroll down to "Player Resources" and then "Arkham Horror: The Card Game Investigator Decklists" (last updated 02 Nov 2020). The decklists are extremely basic; you might want to look at the rest of the available cards and tweak the decks before you start. But it provides a decent basis so you don't have to build from scratch!

This year is low-key for sure. Normally, I'd meet up with some family (and I try to get my sibling to play board games with me), but we have a stay-at-home order this year. We are not meeting up this year, which is unfortunate because I was really looking forward to giving them their presents. 
I'll just be spending it with my immediate family. We'll have a celebration meal of sorts. 

I would hate to have constant fireworks all night long for a whole week! How does anybody get sleep?! Granted, I've slept through a fire drill before...
Sorry that you have to go through that. Hope it'll be less painful this year, and that you enjoy your morning gaming!

I haven't played games in almost 2 weeks! It feels like it's been so long!
But I'm finally free again, so my group had an extra long session yesterday. Again #Arkham Horror: The Card Game haha. We continued the fanmade campaign, and because it's still quite new, we were mostly playtesting. We had some issues with some things, but my friend is currently in correspondence with the creator, so hopefully there will be tweaks made for the next group that playtests. 

Now that I'm on break now,  my group is able to meet multiple times a week now! I'm super excited to play tomorrow, even though the campaign hasn't been as enjoyable as I'd like it to be.