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Railroad Ink: Blazing Red

Makes me tempted to cheat..

by jomark

Game play is fun. I feel like my creative side comes out a bit since I have to draw and figure out where to place things. But the hard part is trying to not cheat, especially near the end of the game. I keep thinking, "if only I drew the one from the last round here..". But I guess in the end you only minus a few points if your road goes no where..



Challenging version of CodeNames

by jomark

I really like the game pieces needed for setup! It makes me feel like I'm in the 90's (when floppy disks were still a thing!). I had such a fun time trying to throw off the other team while making sure my team would understand me. Another game where it helps to be close to your team.



Flowers or skulls..

by jomark

I love the art for this game and the game pieces. Pretty easy to learn and feels like it takes a bit of chance to guess if others put down their flowers or skulls.



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by jomark

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