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Fantasy Realms! Fantasy Realms directly inspired Red Rising, though we made Red Rising a bigger, meatier experience.

Thanks! I'm sorry I missed that. Could you send me an email at jamey@stonemaiergames.com and I'll send you some photos? You're also welcome to share any of the photos I've posted on our website.

Thanks for sharing this! I'm happy to answer any questions you have (though there's a lot of information about it on our website now, particularly under the design diaries).

We have--quite a few! They're on our website, mostly under Design Diaries at this point.

Thanks for sharing this, Phil! I was actually looking around here to see if anyone had shared the news about Red Rising yet (I'd be happy to provide a spoiler image for BGA if someone wants to make such a post), so it was a nice surprise to see this interview. :)

I'd be happy to play Wingspan with you at Geekway! :)

Thanks! LOL...that would make a great alternate-alternate universe expansion. :)

Thanks for your curiosity! I haven't heard of Wizard Kings, but I'll check it out. :)

That's awesome, Benjamin! I look forward to seeing your take on it.

Thanks for sharing that concern, Rich--I share it too. In the design I'm working on, I've tried to remove anything that gets in the way of players feeling immersed in the world. I still have a lot of testing to go through before I feel confident in the action system, but I'm happy where it's headed.

No, I'm designing it as a cooperative experience. I'm a multiplayer designer. :)

At the time of the original Viticulture box design, I had no idea what would happen next with the game. This was back in 2012. It's true that when we updated the game a few years later, I also knew what would go into Tuscany Essential. That said, I actually think the core Viticulture box and insert work pretty well, especially considering how deep of a box it is. I could have otherwise revised it for any of the dozen reprintings.

Starting with Charterstone, we started targeting more "standard" box dimensions (296x296mm, varying in depth but often 70mm), as that seems to be what customers want.

Yep, I'm designing it to be entirely cooperative (though it will have a solo mode).

Thanks for sharing! Just so people know I'm not working on a Zelda game, it's really the open world exploration of Breath of the Wild specifically that has inspired a game I've been working on for a few years. Hopefully it'll be ready for release in 2021 or 2022! :)