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The Fremen in #Dune. I just have an emotional connection to them lol

Haven't played #Sagrada yet. Really like #Illusion. Such a fun, light, clever game!

I'm pretty allergic to Kickstarter games. They can too easily lead to disappointment. So expensive too

This tree is so cool. I've heard great things about this game!

That is a dangerous path, my friend! It's hard to quantify value if you feel you really want something, but this is how prices balloon nigh infinitely. It's funny to thing about pricing in miniatures games, or even more so, trading card games, when costs become hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Board games always have "the one that got away", but once it's out of print I just don't think it's worth it to play one of those inflated third party prices.

pubmeeple is very cool! I run most of my list exercises in similar, less automated fashion lol

No Pun Included suuuper didn't like it :/

That's unfortunate the white and black camels don't do much! They're the sprinkle of the unknown that I felt the first edition lacked. How many players are you with? I find it works best with higher counts, no less than 4 or 5. It also plays well with mixed ages (kids to grandparents). It definitely isn't a serious game for a couple or a group of "gamer's game" gamers.

So like dungeon crawls? I always liked #Level 7: Omega Protocol

Wow, extremely cool. Thank you for this!

I want to like this game but I don't think I'm quite there.

Great job. This had been one I've been looking at.

Let us know how you like it!

Great video. My kids really like this game.

I play tooons of #Star Realms with my partner. The app is exceptional. if anyone wants to play, I can post my account name :D 

I've also been starting to play quite a bit of #Marvel Champions: The Card Game. I really like it! I'm always looking for a game to replace that #Magic: The Gathering card-fiddling feel. But without the need for $20 cards!

I've also got my nieces for the weekend, so I plan to show them #Ghost Blitz, #The Quest for El Dorado, and #Survive: Escape From Atlantis!