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....Yes.....In a month.....

Bought #Gloomhaven after loving Jaws and I haven't played anything else all week except a game of #Watergate. Has been my favorite week of board games since I've picked up the hobby. Could not believe how much I actually enjoy playing the game, although it definitely helps living with 3 other people then rotate in and out while playing.

Not as much as others. I'd take a win lol but I'm sitting back and hoping someone who wants it more gets it.

Wow, absoultuly love all of your additions. Own Watergate myself and it's always a blast to play. Have been looking to add Spirit Island and Targi for a while now but both are always out of stock.

Thanks, I hate it

Awesome, thanks for the reeview and chance to win

Merry Christmas everyone!

I tried that at my house and received a resounding I dont know how to play games lol.

Haha would be a nice gift to recieve 

But Onitama's case is to die for. Love the way it's packaged.

Good call I've been eyeing some of them on there myself

Recently got #Terraforming Mars as well and it's been a hit. That game is a load of fun to play and we haven't even used the corporation cards yet. Definitely need some better player boards though.

This is the next game I want to get to play for coop days. Hopefully it works out better for us. 

Haha, I bought this one to find that my SO absolutely hates playing it because of the chess feel of it. I totally see the perspective of not wanting to play it when it is just looking for a mistake to be made to win though.

Got #Carcassonne at a pretty good discount and played it for the first time. Lot's of fun to be had in the game and it was a bit more complicated than I thought at first glance.

Best of luck to those excited for the game!

#Gloomhaven does a good job of this with their mechanics. But if you are not ready to make that jump you can try #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. It's a good intro and playing with people feels like everyone has their own decision to make and it can't be determined by someone else ahead of time.

Not a game I think I'll buy, but sure why not try for the expansion.

Hmmm not sure if I want to give it a search. I don't want it to awaken anything inside me I didn't know was there.

Definitly a lot cleaner than it was before. The front page now feels very smooth, just feels strange to transition from that to the forums on here. Feels like two different sites lol. Not an actualy problem because I assume most forum users aren't heading to many other pages often.

I don't think I've ever been on the front page....Can I get a before and after picture comparison to see the difference....

I'm not overly eager to read too many specifics on the case but if the company is planning on making the items themselves in the future then I can understand why they are doing it, otherwise they're just being prudes.

Honestly would feel bad for the rest of the people on here who are excited for it, if I won the game, because my care for the game is minimal. 

I mean I'd give it a go and maybe like it but I don't have any real hype for it.