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Thank you! I may reach out later with questions

Where You At | Comment

Soon enough the Utah crowd will come piling in haha. Rep the Intermountain west!

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Utah here!

, thanks for the warm welcome!

I don't remember how I found you! Maybe it was from one of the Facebook groups I am in. I've been playing casual card/board games for decades, but only recently got into it more as I am designing my own game. Which is one of the games I am into most right now :) But my favorites are Machi Koro and 7 Wonders. I feel like I've looked up every board game to learn about as much as I can. I have trouble getting into a  lot of board game themes or the gameplay APPEARS too complex. I'm trying to make a gateway game, something that will inspire others AND MYSELF to seek higher levels of complexity and expand my horizons in the bg world.