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Your welcome.  I  haven't done the math yet to see how much I need to print in order for the printer to "pay" for itself.  Depending on what deals or options you find on sites like esty you might be able to find game inserts for a cheaper total price than the cost of the printer and filaments to make your own.  Now with that being said, I'm enjoying mine.  I printed my wife a rose the other day that she really liked so that got me a couple brownie points ;)

Also, its nice to play a game and be know what this game needs...individual player pieces vs different colored pawns, go find some designs on ThingIVerse, print and have ready for your next play session.  I'm looking at you #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0

It happens.  In a "normal" year I probably get 100+ unique games played.  Not all of them can be winners.  I was mostly surprised since a lot of the reviewers who I follow and who's play style is similar to mine really liked the game.  Oh well. 

Obviously its going to depend on the insert you want to print....I haven't printed it yet but I've looked at the Insert for Paladins which all together is looking at the following filiament costs (not counting electric)

  1. $1.80 for Main box
  2. $0.75 for Player Box X 4 = $3.00
  3. $1.04 for Worker box
  4. $0.35 for Provision box X 2 = $0.70

Total cost for the insert is $6.54 in materials which is pretty close to the price for all of the quacks boxes I printed. 

Its pretty easy to get into if you have any sort of technical/mechanical skill at all.  Putting the printer together yourself helps you learn all the components and how it actually works.  There are plenty of how to video's out there if you get stuck.  Printing itself is pretty simple. 

Steps to print for my ender 3.  These may vary slightly if you have a different printer or one connected to your home's wifi network.

  1. Get/Create the file you want to print into a .stl format
  2. Load the stl file into your slicer program
  3. Validate printer settings (this is where you'll spend a lot of trial and error) and slice
  4. Create the .gcode file and save to micro drive
  5. Insert micro drive into printer
  6. Select file to print and Print.

You'll want to validate that the first layer or two goes down correctly and then you can just check it every 30 min or so to make sure its still printing successfully. 

I recently bought a bunch of 1KG rolls of PLA filament from Amazon for $20 a roll.  That gives me enough filament to produce almost 3 complete sets of Quacks boxes and lids (that's 8 boxes/lids each set).

After 3 weeks I've been really happy with my Ender 3 and would recommend as a nice entry printer into the market if you're interested.

I got an Ender 3 Pro for Christmas this year and have been printing up a storm ever since. 

My advice is to make sure you understand  how to level your print bed.  I got a couple of print files from the Filiment Friday YouTube channel that I use to test the levelness of the bed and to do a simple test print of a bunch of squares to make sure the bed is level all the way around. 

Even with the Ender 3 Pro there are a ton of printer enhancements that you can 3D print for your printer and those are some really nice one's to get started with.  Things like the side spool mount, end caps, holding tray, tool holder, hex wrench holder, clamps, etc are all worth the time it'll take to print them.

Get yourself a good slicer software app.  I'm currently using the Ultimaker Cura 4.8 app in addition to the application that came with the printer.  The Cura app has a ton of additional extensions that you can add including one that will load straight from ThingIVerse which is super handy. 

If you want to design items yourself then I'm currently using the CAD progam available through tinkerCad website which provides pretty simple and easy to use CAD program.  I used it to design my first board game component. 

Next, I would make sure you have a dedicated space for your printer so that you don't need to move it after you get it leveled and set up.  I bulit a custom wood desk in my game room/office under the egree window in the basement to put the printer. 

Finally, If you print the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg component trays you'll need to print the larger size whether or not you have the upgraded component is you have the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion.  The regulare boxes are too small to hold all of the base game and expansion components in the boxes.  The boxes are awesome, look amazing and speed up set up for the game.

Got our March plays in today.  First time back to the game since Nov. 

Funding Level at start of month = 7

We also in the pregame we answered question 4 “we have an emotional attachment to our friends” as “agree”.  So after we ran the numbers we got the restriction card that says all search actions need to be done in Washington.  Our point total was 1.  It didn't matter in this game though as we were never close to checking for either objective before our world fell apart on us.  South America ended up being a disaster area with there being 3 agents in 4 of the 5 locations.  We couldn't get a neutral team created in order to help take care of the problem.  While we were trying to keep SA under control the MIddle East and Western Asia hit critical state and we ended up running out of incident tokens again.  The best thing we did though was remove the one city that has the disease from the game with our event card on the first turn.  Not having to worry about dieses made the game easier, not that it mattered in the end.  Result = Failure.

2nd try at March went much smoother.  Playing again immediatly after our first loss helped us with strategy and overall game play.  It also helped that all 3 of our opening 3 incident locations where in NA which made it easy to get to and clean up.  We were actually able to get an allied team created early.  We also didn't have a ton of difficulty in creating the 2 Soviet teams.  Our Medical Coordinator's ability to pull city cards out of the discard pile was useful as he did it twice to create both Soviet teams.  We put the Crime boss to work twice as well so it felt good to have that upgrade work out immediatly.  Despite not knowing which of 3 Pacific Rim cities the Soviets where manufacting in, we put a team in all 3 locations and was able to complete both objectives, even if we did  need to be in DC to push the button. 

Really enjoying where this journey is going and can't wait to see what's next.

and - got 2 plays of Dune in yesterday and the game feel flat for my group.  The combat mechanic I think was part of it.  I think the bigger part for my group was it felt like there wasn't a way to catch up if you were behind going into the 3rd conflict stage cards and turn order is so important in that game.  I put more thoughts into my weekly play write up.

Saturday my wife agreed to play more #The 7th Continent and we did the #The 7th Continent: Swamp of Madness curse.  Played for almost 4 hours between 2 different sessions.  Wife had a great time as we got to explore the island a ton and saw some hidden numbers, had some graphics we needed to decipher and a bunch of other actions.  I may need to get my own copy of the game when I return the one I've borrowed.

Sunday played #Potion Explosion at a party with 3 players, including one newbie.  My BIL and I have been playing on Board Game Arena and he liked it so much he bought it.  I came in a very distant 3rd as I had a round where I accidently pulled the wrong marble moving to quickly which pretty much took me out of the running.  Still a great time. 

Left the party with my BiL and went to my normal Sunday game group where I got a chance to play 2 games of #Dune: Imperium w/ 3 players and it was just okay.  The 2nd play was better than the first but I'm not sure what all the buzz is about.  The best thing for the game was that it was over in roughly 60 minutes for the 2nd play.  For a game in which turn order matters a ton, I wish there was a way to determine first player other than having it go around the table.  Felt like there is no "middle" to the game.  The first couple of rounds go pretty quick and then you're in the 3rd error of combat cards giving 2 VPs to the combat winner.  Games ended by 8th round usually hard to see a path to victory in the game if you are trailing by 2+ VPs by the 6th round.  Was really disappointed by our plays of it.  Gave it a rating of 6.5 after the 2 plays.

Finished the night with a game of #Fort that also confirmed our first play thoughts on the game.  While a fun concept its just so hard to build any sort of engine.  Going first in this game is BRUTAL as you almost always end up last on building the first 2 levels of the fort which means you typically end up with the worst of the Special Rules and Scoring cards.  Took the game off my wishlist and lowered its rating from an 8 to a 6.5 after this play.

Today moved my normal Monday game night to game afternoon since we all had the day off work.  Did two plays of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0  Lost the first game in March and then had a Succeeding result on the 2nd try.  Will have a fuller write up in the month spoiler post. 

Finished with a game of #PARKS  We all loved this game.  Starting to see that a couple of the backpack powers are a little overpowered and a couple of the end game scoring cards may be the same.  Such an enjoyable experience. 

Played solo the last two nights and I'm enjoying the experience.  I picked a second curse and it has been a fun experience.  Though from what I've been reading/hearing about 7th Citadels that sounds like its going to have a better story element. From a solo perspective the game is easy to set up and put away.  Coming back to a game in progress was super easy and convienent.  Its a really nice solo experience.  Just ranking the epic games I've played solo - Gloomhaven, 7th Contient, This War of Mine and Robinson Crusoe - I would have to say that this is the best at ease of getting to the table, ease of set up and tear down.  The story and decisions are very similar to TWoM and RC. 

For story elements I would rank this way:

  1. This War of Mine
  2. 7th Continent
  3. Robinson Crusoe
  4. Gloomhaven

I was talking with the wife the other day and she expressed an interest in playing again, so that's a huge and unexpected win in my book. 

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

This was my first play so I'm not ready to make any suggestions either way or another.  I am thinking of doing a solo play tonight.  I'll keep you updated.

#6 Nimmt! is great at all player counts and the higher player count changes the strategy and increases the chaos.  Doesn't matter though since its such a quick/fun/silly game.

#Wits & Wagers Party Edition is great at all player counts and I've bought extra dry erase boards so I can go higher than the player count when taking it to family events.

#Gloomhaven is fun from Solo to all 4 players.  It does a great job of scaling. 

#For Sale is geat at all player counts.

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition#Welcome to... - All roll & writes work no matter the player count

#Azul - while the strategy changes depending on player counts...all are fun

In general the following things would be true:

  1. Co-ops in general work at all player counts since everyone is working together
  2. Area control games typically play better at the higher player counts then lower player counts.
  3. Games with simultanious action selection works well with games with higher player counts (5+) so that the down time between turns/actions is reduced. 
  4. Games that are silly/light also play better at higher player counts because there is less AP that can drag the game down.  If you are playing with 10 people in #6 Nimmt! there is very little planning you can do so  just pick a card and hope for the best. 

Played #The Quacks of Quedlinburg w/ #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion with 5 players.  Played with two first time players.  I came in a very close 2nd due to one of the event cards that gave points to people for rat tails they were behind (14 and 9 for last and next to last).  I lost mostly caused I busted on the last turn when I drew one of the 2 out of 12 chips that busted me.  Really love the expansion material. 

Played first game of #PARKS w/ 3.  It was a really fun game and a much better version of #Tokaido  Really feel like its sweet spot would be 4 or 5 players.  I won due to the tie breaker.  Really enjoyed the experience and mechanics.

Asked the wife to play some #The 7th Continent with me and we got about 1/2 way through the initial curse.  We struggled a little bit with some of the rules/actions - tried to teach while we played vs spending 20 minutes boring her with rules beforehand.  It was a memorial experience that we both enjoyed.  Not sure i'll get her to play it again but was nice to spend the time together.

Played at Kolby's House with 2 players.

Played PARKS

Played at Kolby's House with 2 players.

So far after a week and a half or so of printing I"ve managed to print the following:

For Clank Legacy:

  1. Beer Mugs - for when you get back to the inn at the end of the adventure.  These printed awesome.  Having one of my friends kid paint them so we'll see what the final product turns out like.

For Base Clank:

  1. Replacement Explorers - To replace the generic meeple running around the map.  I need to fine tune my printer to get the swords and spears to print cleaner.
  2. Card Box - To store the base deck market cards. 

For Terraforming Mars:

  1. Player Board Covers - to keep the markers from sliding around.  I've only gotten 3 printed so far (they take about 8 hours each) but they were super helpful for our game on Monday. 

I've downloaded and set up print files for a bunch of other things.  Not sure what will be next.

Played my first game of #GKR Heavy Hitters at 2 players.  Really enjoyed.  I got smoked with a couple of bad dice rolls but still had a ton of fun.  Can't wait to see how this game changes with 3 or 4 players.

Finished by doing a match between #Dice Throne: Season Two - Gunslinger vs. Samurai and as usual for my group the Samurai won again.  Matches have gotten a lot more tatical as we've played this. 

To answer your questions:

1. I don't have a single friend who brought me into the hobby.  I've always been a big board/card gamer throughout my entire life.  Pandemic was the first hobby game that really captured my attention though that games could be more than just Risk/Monolopy/Clue.

2. I bought a 3D printer for Christmas just so I can print board game components. 

Played GKR Heavy Hitters

Played at My House with 2 players.

Played at My House with 2 players.

Avs fan here as well living in Columbus Oh.  My oldest is an everything Denver fan (Bronco's, Avs', Nuggets,etc) so last year we got hockey tickets to see Avs vs CBJ here in Columbus.  Avs won 3 - 2 in a really great game.  We haven't been out to Denver yet to see a game there but we've seen the Nuggets play Charlotte back when we lived in CLT and to see the Bronco's play the Bengals.  He hasn't seen his favorite team lose yet

Played #Beyond the Sun w/ 4 players.  Learning game for all 4 of us.  It ran a little long as we all tried to figure out what was going on.  I came in 2nd place primarly focusing on tech tree type stuff.  I was curious if I could avoid the exploration board and still score well and while I didn't have as many ships/conquered planets as everyone else I don't see how complete avoidance of it would work.  So many of our actions and tech's that we unlocked were tied to that side board.  Overall, want to play again now that we know the rules.  7/10

Played #Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium mostly cause we got to use the new player boards I 3D printed for the game.  They were super helpful and makes the frustrations I had getting my first prints to work worth while.  I won by 3 points. 

Nippon is an interesting game.  You really need to focus on the area control aspect of the regions though.  There is a ton of points to be had/lost there and that is one of the things I noticed this game as the only one to focus on getting influence in the regions. 

I didn't really start to enjoy Nippon until my 2nd game after I had a better understanding on what was going on.

Played Terraforming Mars

Played at My House with 2 players.

Played Beyond the Sun

Played at Kolby's House with 2 players.

Played 12 Days

Played at My House with 2 players.

Played 12 Days

Played at My House with 2 players.

Yeah this War of Mine gives you plenty of memorable moments.  I have several that I still remember a couple of years later. 

Played 12 Days

Played at My House with 2 players.

Played 12 Days

Played at My House with 2 players.

Played 12 Days

Played at My House with 2 players.