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Too many...  I definitely have KS addiction.  I recently received Chronicles of Crime 1400, Dwellings of Eldervale and Trekking the World.  I backed large games like Middara, Oathsworn and Bardsung as well as small ones too.  

Honestly too many to keep track between deals of the day, amazon and KS, LOL

Honestly haven't had time to try it out yet.  Hoping to try it soon.  That's the problem with backing/buying too many games.  There's not enough time to play them all.  That's also one reason I'm not in a rush to receive my KS games since I always have other ones I haven't played yet.  

I have had a couple frustrating experiences.  One was with voltage rings which came a year later and they didn't respond to my messages.  Another was with Pursuit of Happiness Experiences- kept having to contact customer service and being told to wait- finally after about ~4-5 months, they sent what I was missing.  Glad I finally got what I ordered.  I personally don't mind waiting as long as the communication is ok.  If you back a lot of projects, you kinda get used to the "typical" KS delay.  Overall, I have had a pretty good experience with KS though.

I've also been thinking about getting Underwater Cities.  So many choices these days...

I think it will eventually come, even though it's a year late so far.  I would rather have a late product rather than a rushed one.

1. Catan, Pandemic Season 1, Terraforming Mars, Wingspan

2. Massive Darkness expansions