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Welcome to a new world of dianosing and frustration haha. But really though 1 quick tip before going into FDM printing is don't bother with minis and more detail token printing yet. I tried those, and while the result isn't bad, just buying a resin printer save you a lot of headache. Use the right tool for the right job is always better

I bought an ender 3 like 2 years ago. I'm still satified with it and don't plan to change soon, but sometime it can be too small to print something like insert for Gloomhaven for example. I heard great thing about ender3 v2 though so maybe start with that. The machine is like 200$ iirc

It's strong, maybe not as strong as wood, but still not something you can bend or break unintentionally. 

The price point though is not really in my place to comment since I live in South East Asia, where pricing will be a whole lot different from where you are (I would assume NA or Euro). My own experience though is I can sell the Concordia insert for 10$, the war chest one for like 5$? and still turn profit. So if you're into this insert making hobby buying a 3d printer is no brainer.

Yes and please bust it out on your family gathering. All the "how dare you attack me" are really delicious

Yeah gotta spread the love for #War Chest. The expansion is not really necessary other than the updated royal guard imho though, the base game already has plenty of game to explore

Of course I do, see the root picture lol. FDM printer can work, but I only ever really printed upgraded component after I have my hand on a photon S, and even that I use it minimally. Also I tried to print dice, but it required investing some time and money into learning silicon moding so not yet.

I haven't even heard of #Empires of the Void II lol, for a quick glance it look kinda like a 4x game?

Yeah I'm getting worry that I will have to move #War Chest back to original box once more expansion has come out, but as it is it's pretty sweet

#Battle for Rokugan is one of my favorite area control game ever. The core mechanic is very easy to grasp and can offer some very tense moment, all under maybe 1,5 hours. Get it if you like "knife fight in a phone booth" kind of tight, cutthroat game, it's really good

At this point,

War chest and fiancee/ wife isn't interested in playing it, name a more iconic duo lol

I never have gather enough people interested in war chest enough to play 4p. I heard it's as good as 2p though.

So ... turn out I hate fun. Who would have thought lol

Man there's so much buzz around #Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade and #Under Falling Skies . Good thing both of them and #Deep Space D-6 all have a pnp version to try out. Which is your most favorite?

Yeah I did some research into #Yellow & Yangtze and it seems to implement the modern style euro philosophy into it as more ease of play, less cutthroat, most actions grant points and I'm on the camp against that style of game. I heard some rumor about 2 player #Tigris & Euphrates though and am waiting on that

I actually was very successful at convincing people to play it, mostly because of the bait "chess but actually fun". My problem is more on the "game you don't want to get good at" side, where I play it frequently with newbie and it's hardly a challenge lol

Nice edit lol. I picked up my username from battlenet randomizer and boy does it fits my personality, frequently got comment on how grumpy I am after using it.

My favorite are game with low complexity but have depth, like I can handle #Food Chain Magnate and #Power Grid kind of game but playing #Maracaibo and #Aquasphere just bored. Point race game is fine, but it's a turn off when a game has too many sub system where every thing grant you points. I guess I just don't like the modern euro design language, where every body mind their own business. I also hate the "various path to victory" where like in #Reavers of Midgard I just mindlessly do the set collection and ... win? not because of clever play but because it somehow is the most efficient path. 

I guess I would prefer game with more conflict and interaction between players, where it's clear who would win, and why. Game where I have no idea what other people are doing are just meh

Yay for "gangster Monopoly" lol. Gonna use it next time we play

Yeah #Azul is for whatever reason is not a hit with my family, maybe it's too abstract? #Karuba seems like it will fit well though, thanks for the recommendation

Yeah #Hive Pocket is one of my favorite game ever and I want to git gud, but then everybody else just play to enjoy the game, so if I want to make it challenging I would have to give a handicap, and at that point it's no fun anymore

On that note, damn if only I can get my hand on a copy of #Tigris & Euphrates . It's been on my wishlist for so long and no reprint is in sight

I don't buy game based on these list either, but I do enjoy seeing entries within top list that I haven't heard about or a bit more obscure so I can take a look at it. This however feel like a very safe recommendation list to me and I would want to see some more less known title

Not complaining though, just some observation. I wonder if the algorithm give some boost for games with more score recored though.


Yeah wholeheartly agree about the problem, but I'm not sure how to combat again that. Most people can't be bothered to rate the game, much less update the score after a while so it's hard to have a fluctuate ranking like that

Yeah my wife bounced off #War Chest pretty hard, hope you have better luck

Yep my wallet can't handle both boardgame and miniarture game at one so a lighter version seem great, finger crossed until I actually have my hand on it.

Will leave some review when I finally have a chance to play it. Cheers

I have seen some review but none of them give #The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth a glowing review. How come it's that high on the bought list? (it doesn't even appear on 100 popular one)

Seeing you have experience with warhammer board game, do you have any experience with #Warhammer: Diskwars ? I blind bought the game since it's a good deal so some review or comparasion would be great

Hello there ^^

1. I have known about BGA from reddit for a while ago, just 1 or 2 weeks ago I got bored and checked it out and see all the giveaway so it pulled me in lol

2. I've been in 2 years and just join a local board game group in about 1 year. Really broaden my knowledge about board game and truly understand what's my taste

3. Favourite 3 would be #Cthulhu Wars #Root #War Chest with the honorable mention of #Hive Pocket . Really need to take those game to the table more though


BGA list seems to trend toward light-medium euro and more popular games overall. While I like some Star realms, sushi go, King of Tokyo once in a while, it's hard to see them in the top 100 boardgame overall. 


2 game I'm eagerly waiting for:

These 2 games look cute enough to lure my family in, and enough puzzle to solve. I also am looking for some more language independence and not over complicated to play with my family, so far we have played and liked #Splendor #Century: Spice Road #Chinatown #Ticket To Ride , and to my surprise they also enjoyed #Power Grid . Would love some recommendation