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Yeah, not going to cafes now for safety.  So playing a lot with my wife and occasionally brother-in-law, outside and with masks.

I did actually grab it.  I think it feels like a game that I really respect as far as mechanisms and uniqueness, but I don't have a blast playing.  It's a fun puzzle, and I like that it lets players go for really weird paths to points.

I do!  It's all painted up now plus expansions and metal coins.  I've even played with proxy cards to try out some of the kickstarter exclusive monsters, as well as the exclusive clan.  I think the retail stuff is pretty substantial

  1. Found it a long time ago w/ the Azul 5-of-a-kind video but recently saw the Fort video as well.
  2. Maybe ~8 years?  Started in college w/ Catan and have been playing ever since.  Been extra into it w/ since some board game cafes opened in my area.
  3. I think right now it's Shards of Infinity, Rising Sun, and Hey, That's My Fish!