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I'm noticing a trend of #Dominion: Second Edition here! Okay time for my long story lol

Much like I used to play games as a kid but never had sought it out, it just kind of happened. I'm talking mass market family games like Scrabble, Sorry!, Monopoly, etc. It wasn't until much more recently (a little over a year ago to be exact lol) that I became a hobby board gamer.

When I met my fiancée's family, they would always play some kind of game. Again, mass market types but more in the vein of social party games like Taboo and Scattergories. Being pretty quiet in general, I much appreciated using board games as a means of social interaction.

There was also a long period of time where she was in grad school on the other side of the county. I'd get to visit her about once a month and it always felt like a mini vacation because there was always something new to do and places to explore together. Her last year of school, she was able to be back in NY for an externship year and the way things worked out, we were limited to seeing each another every other weekend. In trying to brainstorm things we could do together, I thought 'oh she likes board games!' and discovered a BGG Geeklist for games to play with your significant other. #Lost Cities and#Guillotine were the first two "hobby" games I purchased. While I was instantaneously hooked, it took her a bit to warm up. I think there were 2 large factors for this:

1) as the primary researcher for games, I always had a perceived advantage as I've seen gameplay, read rules, etc.

2) she's more social than I am and I think would be content playing Taboo and nothing else

Because of these things, she found us (me lol) a group locally to play games with. During normalcy, this was a great outlet to discover and play new games. Now with covid, she's stuck playing all my new purchases ;P

I have a hard enough time getting 1 player together lol

Awesome feature! I could see this coming in really handy! Thanks

Hahahaha retirement sounds manageable! 

Thanks for the suggestion. I think for now 2 plays in we're alright with just the basic map. I do foresee this becoming one of our favorites though so this will be useful information soon enough 

Castles of Burgundy is in my opinion a great game so I'd say definitely give it another shot.

As far as everything else goes I should get around to playing Quacks sometime

Haha I hope not! I just looked them up. They're expansion maps it seems. I'll check them out more if you heard they're better for 2 players. I think for us it would depend on how competitive it would be to get where you want to be. The base game map didn't have us feeling blocked from doing what we wanted too often

Awesome, thanks! $29 doesn't seem that bad!

Yeah I will say it's got me a little down on the game when I was really excited to pick it up. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually but with so many other great games I own, I'm not sure if solving the puzzle will be worth it lol

Thanks! We played on the base "Italia" map I believe it was called. I didn't do the rules teach lol but she assured me that was the correct side to play at 2. There are expansions with other maps right? Have you played any of them?

It's happening now? Do you happen to have a link to it? I couldn't find anything when I looked quick last night.

My bad, I interpreted your saying you hoped you didn't turn them off to the game as if they were new. I could see being far too invested in trying to do whatever you're trying to accomplish that you don't pay any attention to your opponents though. I really wanna try this out lol

Based solely on the mancala/rondel mechanism, I think I'd like Finca too

Had a little extended weekend getaway for our anniversary and of course I had to bring games!

#Silver & Gold - Quick little game that we both like quite a bit. It's got me interested in #Project L even moreso now because of the Tetris feels.

#Concordia - This was my fiance's gift to me for our anniversary. I had her teach me the rules just to switch it up and hopefully help her get more enjoyment out of it. And wouldn't you know it worked! She really liked it despite losing both games we played (I really have to figure out how to discretely lose lol). The second game was a little more of a blow out because we realized we made a scoring error the first game which would have made the second a lot closer.

#Wingspan - Played with the #Wingspan: European Expansion using some different variants a few different users had previously suggested. We drafted our starting hands, kept all 5 cards, and gave ourselves 1 of each type of food. I almost filled my entire board thanks in large part to a green round end goal card that let me play another bird at the end of each round. Even with that, I still lost a pretty close game. We'll likely stick with the variants going forward because while they allowed us to get out more birds, our scores weren't out of the ordinary for us which was nice.

#Karuba - Another light filler just to pass some time. The order the tiles got pulled made making paths a little more difficult. I like how despite how simple this game is every play is so different.

#Mariposas - We played this at a board game cafe. The staff suggested it based on our love of Wingspan. I had heard this game was just okay but was willing to give it a try. It's not something I think I would outright refuse to play again, but definitely not for us.

#Paladins of the West Kingdom - Influenced by 's solo playthrough, I gave this another shot. The only other solo play I had of this I got absolutely destroyed because I wasn't placing workers when the AI took certain actions which just led to a downward spiral of the AI collecting an endless supply of workers and climbing the faith/influence/strength tracks to unbeatable levels. Thanks to the lovely playthrough, I was able to fix my mistakes this time around. I still lost quite handily so I've concluded I'm just awful at the game lol.

Keeping yourself busy on the other side of the river I see LOL. Which of those was your favorite?