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I'm guessing you're talking about #Freedom: The Underground Railroad? Lot's of games Sarah liked this week lol.

It felt a little like #Pandemic for me. Definitely a challenge, but I can see where you can run into quarterbacking and at that point, you might as well be playing solo. That being said, I think the characters we played with worked well together. I was able to move more people around the board, where she was best suited to make money and buy the support tokens we needed to eventually win. So with out without the quarterbacking, I think the plan was pretty clear. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would for sure.

Tried a few new to us games this week..

#Innovation - Sarah got this for me for my birthday/Christmas and we finally got around to playing it. I could tell she definitely was enjoying it despite me stealing her "2 good cards" and using them against her to eventually win the game. Probably have to be in a good mood to play this again with her as there's a lot of take that compared to what we're used to.

#Freedom: The Underground Railroad - A guy in my group was literally giving this away so I grabbed it from him thinking the theme would get Sarah's attention and it certainly did. We ended up winning after 6 rounds and it's good it stopped when it did because we would have run into a lot of trouble if we had to keep playing. I totally expected this to be a one and done game for us but Sarah liked it so much she requested we keep it as a game we know we won't play all the time but can break out "every other once in awhile" LOL

#Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One - Speaking of games I have because I thought Sarah would like them, I got this from my BGG Secret Santa last month. We played the first of 3 cases and I think we probably followed the wrong leads but in the end we were able to piece some of the mystery together. Because and asked to hear about how it went, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Definitely an upgrade for me from #Chronicles of Crime because it doesn't have the same time pressure (at least for me). The only thing I didn't really like about it was the questions at the end when you submit your final report - they were multiple choice and I felt we had ruled out options more than actually figuring out what actually happened in the case and we just made some educated guesses and got it mostly right. Just felt kind of off to me there but otherwise a great experience!

#Bag-o-loot - like , we playtested this one. Not something I would ever seek out on my own but I could see where it could be a hit with our families.

#The Gallerist - a friend from my group reached out to play something with me on TTS. I gave him a list of games Sarah hates and we settled on the Gallerist lol. I had to relearn the rules to make sure I didn't screw anything up and I was pretty good..just failed to mention that he couldn't place his 4th piece of art in his gallery without having a celebrity artist first. Despite his slight cheating, we ended up tying for both score and the first tiebreaker. He won on the second tiebreaker. We're getting together again to play #Darwin's Journey on Wednesday before I decide to back it. Spoiler alert I probably will

#Stone Age - handed myself and a pretty big loss on BGA. I'm always really terrible at going for the end of game bonuses..still a really fun game!

I just placed an order #Hansa Teutonica: Big Box not too long ago. I'm really looking forward to giving it a try!

Sounds like a great idea to me but 's probably right, they'd need someone to monitor stuff like that. Oh also...looks like Denton's real close to Six Flags over Texas too...

Great video! Sorry to hear about Steph, hope she's doing even better now.

This video just makes me with my fiancée liked to play Spirit Island a bit more so I could discover some more spirits (and pick up some expansions lol). It's pretty interesting to rank them individually as, in my limited experience anyway, it's been more about the combinations of spirits.

Wait wait wait you never said if we came over for game night we'd get beers too...

Going to tell Sarah we're heading to Denton now :P

I think everyone's mom buys their kids socks for Christmas...

Yeah unless I'm reading something wrong I believe it opens it up to 5.

Also you're such an enabler lol. I'm still stuck on 2 games on my GameNerdz hold from the gift card I won need to rush haha

Nice haul ! I've only played #Tags after I picked it up for my fiancée's family. It's a pretty solid, fun little word game. Where'd you get the giftcard from? could have a LOT of socks

Hahaha we just got through playing Detective and I feel the same way. Sarah loved it but for me I'm like wait we don't even know if we won or not?!

Maybe I could give it a shot then..I was thinking about picking up the #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion to make that play more too..

Honestly I have enough games to play with them I'm just being greedy lol

Played at Home with 2 players.

Natural Causes case score 12/18

Of those I think Steampunk Rally might least from what I remember of it.Guess I'll have to watch another video lol. I just watched The Climbers and I think while it seems like it could be fun...I don't know if I'd necessarily have fun haha. And Secret Hitler at 5 I think would depend on how many are on each team. Are there 3 liberals?