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New Unmatched sets feature Marvel characters! [Unmatched Game System]LikeLoveFire Like| 19 comments | [+]
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Great point - I played this weekend, and it is definitely a hybrid. You may not see many of the cards you purchase in the back half -- especially if you do like me and bloat your deck!  That being said, it felt more like a deck builder than Lost Ruins of Arnak, akin to Clank! because the cards are what drives the worker placement and combat aspects of the game. 


exactly! with experienced players, Scythe is quick. We've played a number of 4p games in under 50 minutes

Agreed!  It is absolutely gorgeous and those Deep cards jack up the player experience to 10. Every game we have played has been completely different -- my two sons are away right now but when they are back, I want to get some more Oceans to the table

#Gretchinz was the one that came to my mind. I thought #Paleo was okay, and I did like #Paris: La Cité de la Lumière

Same here, I like playing games on TTS that I own and I have the rules right next to me! But, some of the TTS builds are publisher supported -- like the Restoration Games official one of UnMatched. That's an easy sell!  Plus, I've bought games that I've played online later so its great marketing (Lost Ruins of Arnak most recently.) 

I know some people dogpile on 7 player Scythe, but honestly, I played 7p once and everyone knew how to play. It took us around two hours, was super crowded, and an absolute blast to play. Every decision seemed like a push or pull with two other factions staring right at ya. Loved it. 

I'm still waiting on my copy of #Dune: Imperium to be delivered from Fed Ex Limbo, so we played a 4p game of it on TTS. I'm biased toward most deck builders already, but wow, I really enjoyed my first play. 

Also, got in some plays of #Carpe Diem the new edition from Ravensburger. Classic, clean artwork and graphic design. Much lighter in depth than Trajan or Forum Trajanum, right in my wheelhouse. My wife's verdict this weekend? Thumbs up, wants to keep playing it. 


We always *promised* to do one at our game nights or on a weekend, but never did. But The Dukes of  Dice podcast ran one every year at Dice Tower Con from 2017-2019. It was a blast! The last year, we had 35 participants!  Recap of the Baseball Highlights 2045 world championship (tongue in cheek, of course) 2019

Once our game days start going again, I want to organize a small tourney. With the expansions, I can probably easily run an 8 team tourney. 

Hey so glad you enjoyed #Baseball Highlights: 2045! Such a great 2p game and even better when you play tourney format with more people (someday)


Wow, shows how surprisingly strong 2020 turned out to be.  We posted our top 12 here:

We definitely had some crossovers: 

Oceans, The Crew, Viscounts & Lost Ruins all made our list. 

Had we played Dune: Imperium last year, it would definitely have made it up there. 

Thanks for compiling and sharing the interesting list! 



Oh wow, these pics look gorgeous!  I had Patrick on the show, and honestly, his description of the game juiced up the Chat Krewe like not a lot of other games we have discussed. I think there's a trust factor there...Vast, Root, Fort all have delivered great experiences. Can't wait to play Oath and thanks for sharing! I need to jump on that newsletter too. 

I need to set an alert here on BGA to keep an eye out for when it is released!

Honestly, I have not been impressed with the Devir Games publications I have played, so I kind of passed this one by when I first heard about it. But Jeremy's description has me intrigued....

Never tried it, but will have to check GoH out!

I think the lack of alpha gaming, and the fact that you can feel really clever when you pull off a cool combo with your unique ability is my favorite parts. Plus, I love the theme. 

I have been having a blast playing #Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf with my sons.  Everytime I think "Restoration's new set is the best yet", they outdo themselves with another one!  

Little Red is lucky and crunchy at the same time, because you really want to match up the symbol on the card you are about to play with the symbol on the card in your "basket" (I.e. the discard.)  That can be tough and make for some juicy delicious decisions -- play this card right here or play this other one that is not optimal but wow it gives me a great combo next time?

Beowulf is all about rage -- getting the plastic figure hit actually gives you rage tokens that can do some awesome damage. I have only played him once, so I'm still learning. Any tips on Beowulf play from anyone who has tried the set? 

Next up:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


I miss my game nights with my buddy Sagan, who has everything for Spiriti Island. The first time I played it (without him), it dragged on forever, but Sagan has a way of keeping the game moving and I've enjoyed it a lot more ever since.

Great update looking forward to the many positive changes. 

I use an app called BG Stats to track my log ins. Is there any way BGA could synch with BG Stats to upload my plays here? That would be fun. It is for me the easiest way to track my plays.