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Probably the most memorable game was one where one of my opponents was paying others to attack me, against all odds I won the battles with lucky rolls then went on to destroy the player that was paying to get me attacked.


Another game we played was so close it came down to a tiebreaker rule in terms of who went first to acquire the last VP!


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Yeah Indonesia is a bit more complex and a lot more player interation than Roads & Boats. I think there are some things it does very well like the single upgrade per round, bidding for turn order with money and tech, along with interactions between shipping lines and production centers. Overall I think probably one of their most fun games. I like roads and boats due to its unqiue epic scale for a civilization building game centered around transportation.


Yeah, I guess with FCM I don't mind it too much as I am fine with losing games badly if I make mistakes or bad moves. I think many others I play with though don't share that feeling


Yeah I am really looking forward to it. We just finished Charterstone so probably taking a break from legacy games for a bit then maybe clank legacy followed by pandemic season 0


My favorite is Roads and Boats, probably my 2nd favorite is Indonesia. I think FCM is a good game but too easy to get completely out of it at least with Indonesia you can still feel in the game even if you did poorly or ok early.

Its not like FCM where you can make a bunch of burgers, advertise the burgers and someone else sells them instead of you. One round like that its really hard to come back from.