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Thank you very much! In our case, we would play always the four of us in the family. Would you think that the legacy game post-campaign is better if you play with the people that completed the campaign?

We own Clank! and we like it very much. We just wanted to know which game is better: the original or the legacy game after the campaign is done.

I ended my social network augmentations several years ago. I use YouTube and begrudingly Facebook Messenger. Don't use Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok or Discord. I know what they are but they just aren't appealing to me. I rather spend time on thematic sites like BGA or IMDB than on those other services.

Well, in my case, it is almost impossible. Being Spanish, I would only want a Spanish copy of the game, which are even more scarce than English copies. That's what I get for being exigent.

This just makes it more painful not being able to get #Pandemic: Iberia at reasonable prices :-( Thank you very much.

As bad rep as it gets, I got many awesome memories of playing #Risk with my friends. That's what dice rolling can do for you.

But, in my opinion, no game experience can top a intense game of #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game. A well played Baltar is a sight to behold.

In any case, I really agree with you on your second example for #The Quest for El Dorado, especially if somebody has been trying the strategy you mention on your first example and then they finally get that perfect fantastic hand only to have it spoiled by your lousy meeple on the only jungle space in miles.

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It's pretty obvious, but you can always try #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. I'd say that one and the games BoardGameHalv suggested are your best shots.

And there is also the new #Marvel United though I know nothing about it but it seems simpler than the others and comes with cute miniatures.

I do not think anything is supporting it directly. I guess they have tried to a variety of games and the shelves hold with only the front part attached to the vertical walls.

Agricola was number 1 for a short time on BGG, now it is 32. I do not believe that BGG's ranking is as static or as cattering to old games as you say. First ten position's years are 2017, 2015, 2018, 2016, 2017, 2020, 2015, 2017, 2016 and 2005. The first game from the XX century is on position 79 and there are only 4 games on the top 100 that aren't from the XXI century.

The big difference is probably the quantity of user ratings and that is why it is much more difficult for a game to move up 12 positions on BGG in a month. But like we both said, there is nothing wrong with BGA's ranking and top 100. It is simply a smaller database and that is why we see this big jumps and the reason it looks more like a hotness list.


Moving up or down 10 or 12 places in a month is too much for a ranking, in my opinion. This looks more like a hotness list. Nothing wrong in that, but not really comparable to a ranking like BGG's.

I pondered getting one of those but my spouse would have never agreed to it, so I am putting all my hopes on this beaut.

Boy, does your setup look nice!

I would love a good game set in The Witcher universe. Also, one about The Foundation, and the robots and all that. Of course, more games about Discworld. Finally, I would really love a game set on old Lucasfilm graphic adventures.

It's even better when your pretentious brother-in-law gets such a big turn but can't make use of it because your small wooden piece is blocking his optimal path!!

I don't know of any other deck builder game with this kind of blocking but I think it's genius.

It's very difficult to describe. When I say a game is perfect I mean that everything has a clear purpose, there are no loose ends, no superflous mechanics, no fat to trim, everything clicks and fits where it should. Perfect games, the way I describe them, have no rule exceptions (or very few), no special cases. Also, they must enbody, as well as possible, the spirit of their style of gameplay. Like I said, that doesn't always result in the best or most entertaining games.

This can also be applied to movies or books. For example, some Kubrick or Wes Anderson films might be deemed perfect from certain point of view, but they are unsufferable to me, even if I can admire their technical prowess. Another example, in my opinion, would be The Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I think that is a perfect book and, for a change, I love it to bits.

I am in no way an expert and I do not have any numbers. You probably will know better whether what we feel is a board game renaissance is something real backed up by sales or if it is only in our imagination. I believe that the boardgame industry is growing very fast. Kickstarter has made wonders for the hobby and we've been in a positive feedback loop for a few years already. Because there are more sales, there is more money to create better games which result in more sales and so on.

I do not think that comparing this industry with videogames or cinema is helpful. Those industries will probably always be bigger. There is just no way to compete with some videogame traits. It's like opera actors asking why opera is not as big as football and looking for mistakes they are making.

In short, keep making good games and we (however many of us are) will buy them. 10 years ago I had Risk and Party. Today I am the proud owner of 45 boardgames. That's a very big increase in my opinion.

I have six perfect games in my collection:

1. #Race for the Galaxy

2. #Welcome to...

3. #Century: Golem Edition

4. #The Quest for El Dorado

5. #Colt Express

6. #Codenames

I have much better games than those: #Agricola, #Mage Knight, #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, #7 Wonders, etc.

But those 6 games are, in my opinion, unbeatable from a pure design standpoint, each one on their own category. That doesn't mean that they are our favorite games or the ones we would keep if we had to drastically reduce our collection. Perfection is not always the only trait desirable in a game, just like a perfect circle may not be the best painting to hang on a wall.

#Schotten Totten is an amazing game. The IELLO version is gorgeous as all get out.

I am not trying to be antogonizing, but I would like to say that videogames are a very big industry and they are as inclusive or less than the board game industry. Each year there are dozens of videogames released that use classic fantasy tropes and they sell millions of copies. Racial diversity is still lacking as well as non-binary representation, yet it does not seem that those issues are hurting the industry of video games.

So, yes, inclusion and diversity are needed and should be our goal, but I do not believe that we should use it to explain why the board game industry is not where we would like it to be.