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Yes, a racing game: but different from most, especially in that even though you own specific cars, you may not necessarily want your car to win! You're free to bet on any car you want, and the three bets are made as the race progresses, so you're able to adjust your strategy based on how each of the six cars is faring. Most of the money you can get is from a good finish; but there's gobs of money from wise betting, too. Moving of the cars is based on the cards in your hand which usually move several cards at varying speeds.

What makes it addicting for me? 1) It's short; 2) it's got simple rules; 3) apart from the luck of the draw at the start of the game, there is no luck; 3) for something so simple and so short, it's quite strategic: one has to plan when one will use their cards, and there's the question at the start of the game as to which cards to buy, which abilities will be most useful to you based on the cards in your hand, and how much to actually spend, since that will be a negative penalty at the end of the game; and 4) I'm pretty good at it! :D

Thanks for the greetings, and very happy to be here! The questions:

1) I heard about Board Game Atlas mere days ago when it was referenced in an announcement thread at BGG. To be completely upfront, I'd been hoping for a site like this for well over a year now. At last!!!

2) How long have I been in the hobby? Most generous estimate would be 1970. A more conservative estimate would be 1978, when I played my first wargame. Designer/euro/modern boardgames began for me in 1999.

3) My three favourite games at this moment are Downforce (with which I suffer a mild addiction), Ben Madison's The Mission, and probably Versailles 1919.....which I actually have yet to play with real people!