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3D Printing is so awesome! It takes game development to a whole new level. These are the pieces for "Chirstmas Delivery". I'm now printing the board itself so the prototype won't be just paper glued to a piece of cardboard. It will look very professional. Stay tuned... 

The festive, fun, family game that puts you in the Christmas spirit by having you deliver gifts, decorate the tree, and hope that Scrooge doesn't interfere with your plans!

Probably too young for this, but Bag-O-Loot Junior (www.bag-o-loot.com) has three different ways of playing for 4-5, 5-6, and 6-7. In the 4-5 version they learn about set making and counting to five.

Yes. My five year old granddaughter helped me put it together this Christmas. I'll be making the first few prototypes this month. I'll be looking for testers and evaluators. Do you have any little kids age 5-8 in your life?

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