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Started getting into the board gaming industry around 2017 and have amassed a fairly good sized library of games since. I am open to all suggestions on games and like pretty much every genre of game. 

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Super curious as to how/why Miniature Market and Gamenerdz are selling Red Rising for quite a bit under MSRP when the game isn't even out yet. I purchased it through Stonemaier directly as I am a "Champion" backer or whatever, so the price ends up being similar. This strikes me as very odd. But perhaps I'm just out of the loop. 

I am left very skeptical. I recently purchased a copy of the base game for this and was able to play it a few weeks ago. I thought the game was very fun on its own. I never really had any issues with the rules or the iconography. I will say the "Start Phase" portion of the new card does seem helpful, but I agree with the other commenter in this thread. I vastly prefer the old font, and I am indifferent to the art changes. The old version does a great job of evoking the comic book theme. 

This would need to be a great value or have some immense gameplay improvements for me to be interested in backing it. Just an updated card design and some new art does not move the needle for me. Seems like more of a cash grab than anything really. 

Agreed, I think the Badgers would lend themselves well to making quick natural allies with one of the other larger reach factions. I almost want to watch a livestream of a game with one or both of them included though. 

I thought the Badger faction looked awesome. I'm still super curious to see how it fully interacts with the other factions though. They made a quick mention that the Vagabond specifically right now has some rules issues with the relics. I love Josh's work on the rulebook so I'm excited to see how this gets sorted out. I'm probably still more interested in first trying the Rat faction but the Badger look like a solid addition and the reach value is great news. I'll be a Day 1 backer for sure!

This rat faction is everything I've ever wanted from a faction. So incredibly hyped for this!

The only true sequels to JotL right now are base Gloomhaven and Frosthaven (next year). If you weren't expecting to dive into either of those, you definitely could replay JotL. I would just swap characters so you get to try something new, scale them back down to Level 1, and then skip the tutorial part of the game (scenarios 1-5) unless you need a refresher on the flavor text. 

My SO definitely enjoys most light to mid-weight games, along with an occassional mid-weight game. Although I don't think I would necessarily call her a gamer. She has been really enjoying My City. Its a nice little puzzle and we both were drawn to the legacy aspect as we both had limited experience with the genre previously. I think the basic theme is enough to not scare away most people and it play very quickly. 

Just myself and my SO at the moment due to COVID restrictions. It plays up to 4 and I imagine it would actually probably be better with 3 or 4 players, but it works just fine at 2 players. My only concern is I would worry that one player could drastically run away with the game if they were ultimately better at it. Luckily, for us its been pretty even on who has won so far. 

I like the idea of highlighting a specific mechanic or type of game. It can then be followed up with some of the prominent games in that vein or genre. It doesn't need to be a top 10 list like is so often done and super subjective, but more of an awareness of games that can encompass oldies for new people to the hobby but also some deep cuts and heavy games for the experience board gamer. 

My favorite game at the moment is #My City. I have been having a really good time with its relatively light ruleset and setup. We only have 2 chapters left before the end (8 Chapters in the game total, 3 plays in each chapter), but it has been a fantastic mid-weight legacy game to cap an evening off with. 

Played My City

Just saw the pics on Twitter and I'm even more excited now for this giveaway. They looks so amazing!

As philryuh said, 5+ players is doable now, but it can get wonky with downtime and power balance. 

The potential flexibility that they are hoping to create here sounds fantastic. I love Root and mostly play it at 3 or 4 players but I have always wished that 2 was a little more interesting and that 5+ players was feasible. This could solve both of those problems. 

This will be an instant back for me as I love ROOT and most everything that Leder Games has been doing. I'm not a huge fan of Kickstarter, but this is one of the rare times that I am okay with it. 

I am super interested in #Inis. I listen to the podcast Board Game Barrage most weeks and this is a game that frequently comes up in their discussions on various board game topics. The art is absolutely gorgeous and it seems very much up my alley. Unfortunately, it came out a bit before I really got into the hobby and as a result, I have not obtained a copy. I would love to win this as part of the giveaway. 

If I were given $200 right now, I would likely get a few bigger games. Maybe not over the $100 mark per game, but I could easily see myself grabbing a few in the $60-90 range. 

If I won a rare/out of print game, I would most likely try to "upgrade" any components that are possible. I do that with only my favorite and prized games, and having a rare game like that would easily fit the bill. 

Yeah, I think either of those game could easily be rethemed for it. Even a lighter themed deck builder like #Fort could be twisted for the one KH side game, Chain of Memories. 

I would kill for a good Kingdom Hearts game. I recently played #Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition and it was purely okay at best.

That $650 pledge is kind of an interesting idea for a startup game designer company. I am curious to hear if anyone around here is a member of that. Its definitely a little too expensive for my budget, but it could be really nice. 

The biggest one for me is just listen when rules are being explained. I am typically the one teaching games 95% of the time. Nothing is more frustrating than having to explain the same rules multiple times or being cut short because people want to just "jump into" the game. 

I finally got to play #Dominion: Seaside last night and the duration cards do add a nice twist. I will have to check out Adventures soon. 

I'm a vertical storer as much as I can with my subpar shelving. A few are horizontal just due to space limitations. Once I finally upgrade to a Kallax like a real gamer, I will hopefully have almost everything vertical.

If I had to start my collection all over again, I would go with some of the new-classics that really got me hooked into the hobby. Games like #Terraforming Mars and #Scythe. I would also throw in a few of my all-time favorite games including #Hive (+ expansions of course) and #Root. I would likely try to avoid some of the "harder to get" games in my collections. While worth playing every time, sometimes the cost is up there to just to obtain a copy. I would also avoid large box games like Gloomhaven and #Dice Throne: Season Two – Battle Chest

One game that comes to mind that I have a difficult time trying to find is #Two Rooms and a Boom. I've been sorta wanting to trade for a copy but its increasingly difficult finding a copy that isn't too used. I would also love to find a copy of #Too Many Bones so that I could finally try it. 

Super late on the reply to this, but I did pick it up! I got through only one game so far due to being busy the last few days, but I thought it was an extremely smooth version. I am looking forward to exploring it more. 

I'm definintely picking this up. Leder Games can do no wrong. I love Root and I would love to have the opportunity to play it more often. 

Nowhere near as heavy, but my first thought was #Sushi Go Party!. Something about the drafing in that game really does make me feel like I am taking sushi off a train/conveyor belt at a sushi restaurant. 

I love to upgrade my games when possible. One great example are the BGG plastic chits that replace the cardboard pieces in #The Quacks of Quedlinburg. The game is almost unplayable in my opinion without them.