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#Brass: Birmingham - last night with three friends.  I greatly enjoyed playing this and look forward to playing again already.  While the rules have some nuances that feel finicky, I believe they are historically based.  The player interactions and puzzliness of determining which cards to keep, which to play, what to build, and where are all fascinating.  

#Mountain Goats - played a friends copy.  Goats meets #Yahtzee...sort of, but generally more fun because there are goats.

#Bag-o-loot - play-tested the 10th Anniversary edition.  Family was 'meh' on it but we learned we played it incorrectly and will have to run it again.

#Wingspan - got a play in on our weekend camping trip.  Managed to squeak out a rare win on Becky 109-102.

It's pretty fun if you are a Marvel fan and has good mechanics.

We messed up a significant rule!  I'll have to play again and get that right and see if I can talk everyone into an updated video :)

As one who has played quite a few hours of Monster Hunter since it's days on the PS2 and now on the PS4...I will have to take a look at least.  I'm afraid it will end up being like the #Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game and more or less a less cool version of the video game.  Horizon Zero Dawn as a video game is fluid and smooth and one of the better video games overall. 

Monster Hunter is a great work of fun and I love it but it lacks the smooth nature Horizon has and I don't recommend it to everyone.  Monster Hunter is challenging.  Not quite as much as Dark Souls but certainly not easy and takes some thinking and partnership (for the online play) to take down many of the Monsters.  Due to the differing nature of the game, I think Monster Hunter could lend itself to being a decent board game set apart from the video game.  Something in the vein of the #Gloomhaven card choice and enemy modifier mechanics could work quite well for a Monster Hunter themed game. 

Ok, I checked on the prelaunch page and will still review it, but almost certainly won't be chasing it.  I am guessing this will be a game using fantastic models as part of gameplay.  Even if it had great game mechanics (and it would need some pretty phenomenal mechanics for me to chase it),  I am guessing this game starts at $150 to back and possibly more.  This reminds me of #Kingdom Death: Monster a bit.  Too much shelf space for game that won't get played enough but looks pretty and fun.

I think sometimes folks just like making negative comments.  I see thumbs down on some videos and wonder, "Why? Why bother with a thumbs down?  Just move on and don't watch this channel.  It's not like they got your order".

'Grumps'...I like that description

Oh yeah! I forgot about #Dead Reckoning.  That is another one I'm interested in. Speaking of ships... #Nemo's War (Second Edition) is another "older" game I'd love to play one day. It being primarily solo dings it slightly but I do enjoy good narratives in games.

Very exciting and mysterious.  If you want playtesters...I have a family of four...

On a side note, #Lost Ruins of Arnak is right up there with #Coffee Traders on my hit list.  It looks like a very fun game and seeing #Dune: Imperium and #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans I am swinging toward Lost Ruins over the others (though they all look interesting).

#Frosthaven certainly tops the list of games I'm most interested in playing this year.  Among those listed above, #Tinners' Trail and #Weather Machine look the most interesting.  I'm not sure when #Hallertau comes out but assuming it's a 2021 game to some degree I'm looking forward to playing that at some point.

I feel like there are still several games from 2020 that I would love to play and perhaps a few obscure games. #Coffee Traders is high on my list of games I'd love to play. #Upstairs, Downstairs: an Obsession Expansion is an expansion I'd like to add to #Obsession.  We are still waiting on #Canvas to arrive in the mail (my daughter's Christmas present) and haven't received a shipping label yet.

#Aqua Garden was my very late backed game that should arrive around August this year and I think that will be a fun game for our family. #Now or Never looks intriguing and I'll have to look into that one some more.

More area competitive and far more challenging to obtain encounters.  I greatly enjoyed playing at 7 but would say 5 might be more ideal.  We are going to start playing through #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris with 4-6 players and will see how that goes but I think it will be better at 5 than at 7.  I'd do it again though.  I enjoyed the forced interactions during the mid to late game.

So one aspect that drove me to back this game when Eagle-Gryphon first offered it was the fact that I could not find the original game for less than $250.  That's not something SUSD mentions but I have to agree that none of the mechanics are vastly different.  I would agree that Eagle-Gryphon does a decent job but does cut some corners.  I think for $100 it should have included the coins.  

That being said, I do love playing this game and have no regrets purchasing it.  It's no #Scythe but then not many games are.  I don't believe they are making a tom of copies of this game so I will not be surprised if it goes out of print again.  The price does keep me from recommending it to many folks.  I'd say #The Gallerist falling to a similar category (It too can be used to place side-by-side on a shelf with #Rococo: Deluxe Edition) and while a game I enjoy, too expensive to recomment to most.  Nice quailty in general, but for $100, the quality could be better.

I enjoy the humor.  He has a great review of #Crokinole .  

Obsession: Best Scores? [Obsession]Like| 1 comment | [+]

#Raiders of Scythia with Becky

#Ticket To Ride with the whole family

#Scythe with 7 players on Saturday evening

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion scenario 4 with Becky and Elijah.  Taryn bowed out and I think Becky will bow out as well.  Might be Elijah and I and we'll have to see if we can get a couple of other players

#Obsession solo and scored 126 against intermediate AI at 112

Wow, that took a while to type and good job on the pics!  I think this would be too much game for my family but I could see playing it one day.  It reminds me of World of Warcraft.  Thank for taking the time to do this!  What a find!

Looking forward to playing! Looks like the kind of game my family would enjoy.

Good point. I haven't run into with me players. Last new player burnt down the factory with his encounter card. No one else got a card!  

I love the encounters! Those are my favorite add to the game.

That is good to hear! I was beginning to wonder if I just had a weird

Scythe with 7 players [Scythe: Legendary Box, Scythe: Fire Realistic Resource Encounter Tokens (12 pcs), Scythe: Invaders from Afar, Scythe]Victory Point