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He has some compelling arguments that have merit but may also hinge on asking the game to be more than it ever set out to be.  I have most of the heroes and enjoy the deck building process and being able to try different heroes out with disfferent aspects.  I think there is also the fun of trying out the different heroes together in different combinations and seeing how they synergize.  I thought the Arkham Horror comparison at the beginning was interesting because I don;t think this game every sets out to be anything like that.  

All that being said, he's fairly nice in his criticism and I'd rather see good criticism than over the top love for games with no critical analysis at all.  I think Rahdo stricks a good balance and have heard some well balanced critique from the Heavycardboard ladies

On Monday we were able to get #Anachrony , #Founders of Gloomhaven , #Wingspan , #Root , and #Heaven & Ale to the table.  I recorded our playthrough of #Anachrony but the rules explanation I had set up live didn't take as my kids were doing school online at the same time and being in the garage the signal was limited.  I'll post the rules and playthrough as soon as I can.

We had a lot of fun and I'll give more feedback on the modules we played with once I get the video spliced and uploaded :)

#Heaven & Ale...I'll try to get a recording of that in as well :)

Will there be upgrades?  What's the first expansion?  Is this just like Gloomhaven?  Is it cheaper if I get it on Kickstarter?  If I know how to play Terraforming Mars will I be able to play this?  Is this like Dune on Mars?  I'm not sure if I can Totally Recall everything from the video, but can I download the rules now so I can remember them later?  

There, that gets all the stupid questions out of the way...this sounds like a very interesting game and my curiouslity is peaked.  What would you gauge the weight od this game to be?  Sounds like 3.89 - 4.1 range and it felt from the description like #Anachrony , #On Mars , and #Twilight Struggle all mixed together.  

Yes to on the need for that 3 minute review!  I'm timing though...as heavy as this sounds I will be impressed if an explanation can be fit into three minutes.  

I don't think my brain works that way.  I fall asleep when I'm pondering how to defeat a game or design a game tends to put me to sleep rather than keep me away.  I played about 8 games of solo #Viticulture: Essential Edition over the past three to four games and sadly was only able to get within 3 points on my best game.  It didn't keep me up at night but I have not yet unraveled the puzzle of winning within 7 seasons. 

I do love to read heavy rule books and drift into unconscienceness pondering the minutia of turn by turn play.   If I one day find myself in possession of #Brass: Birmingham or #The Gallerist I will likely spend hours perusing the rules working out various turn caveates in my head.

This coming Monday I have a PTO day in which I will spend the whole day playing boardgames with a recovering friend and will walk through a few rule books on games I am rusty on that we plan to play that day #Root, #Tapestry, #Anachrony, #Heaven & Ale, and if #Viscounts of the West Kingdom or #PARKS: Nightfall Expansion come in I'll be updating myself on those.

#Candy Land


Just kidding.  I played #Magic: The Gathering since 1994 and played in several tournaments and had a lot of fun with that.  I didn't dable in boardgames too much until one day I was at my brother's and he introduced us to #Dominion: Second Edition.  I really liked it and that set me off on chasing board games.  I'd played #Catan but didn't really like it.  It was really Dominion that sold me on boardgames being fun.  

I have a 6x4 foldable game table from ALPHA and I like using it when I can.  It is flimsy and can't be used for much more than gaming.  I was able to take it camping this past weekend and use it under a canopy for several games.

That being said, I would very much like to obtain a nice gaming table that could second as a dining table or even a work station in our sunroom area.  

I am most curious about Navajo Wars as I've never heard of it and would like to here your thoughts and whether or not it should be a future consideration for my gaming collection.

If it is any consolation I am playing #Viticulture: Essential Edition solo and after three games yesterday I still haven't won a game.  It is like a puzzle I can't figure out thus far.  With the automa starting on 25 and having 11 stars worth of end game points to start the game I am finding it near impossible to find 25 points in 7 rounds.  I'll try another couple of rounds today and see what happens.  Definitely open to any hints and secrets on Viticulture solo

I think one of the things I liked about the legacy tiles was being able to set up the one's I liked and not feeling like I HAD to stick witht the main story or anything.  The next game I play we will probably set up a few of the city and towns we like the most and play that way.


Nice write up!  I enjoy this game quite a bit and the legacy tiles added more to the game than I initially thought they would.  I would like to get through the full campaign someday with a group.

We were camping in our RV in at Crystal Springs in AR with my brother and his family.  There we played:

#In the Year of the Dragon which I think I may have played once before as it seemed familiar.  This is an action and resource management game with events occuring at the end of each round you can plan for.  Good and bad consequences impact your player area depending on your ability to plan accordingly.  Lots of player interaction required to game plan well with turn order being a significant factor.

#The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine was brought by my brother who haden't had the chance to play it and neither had I.  We played through the first 5-6 missions learning the game as we went.  I wasn't sure how I would like this game but after playing through a few scenarios I am excited to play this one again and love the complexity involved for a fairly simply designed game.  

#Viticulture: Essential Edition was our final game.  Becky bailed on us so we played three players which I don;t think I have played before at that player count.  I lost by two but love this game and look forward to playing again (I hve it set up for solo at my house now).  

Well, then I would have 'dad' jokes for you...lol

rofl!  Sounds like you might need to throw a game.  How's the solo version on The Gallerist?