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1.  I would love Glory to Rome. I've played Innovation and liked it enough to want to try GtR.

2. The Kings Dilemma - this was an amazing experience.  It created many great table moments, I'm looking forward to seeing if that design team has something similar up their sleeve.

3.  The biggest surprise for a game released in 2020 might be Calico for me. Although not my favorite game from 2020, it came from nowhere and has become a family favorite.

4. Gaia Project - I've played 40+ times and am still figuring out how to play well, Spirit Island - immense replayability with all of the Spirits and expansions, love this game!  Everdell - figuring out a path towards victory with your hand, and what's in the meadow, with the different worker placement spots is great fun!  And the art is fantastic! Mansions of Madness 2E - I love how the game tells a different story, even when playing the same scenario, based on the cards you've gotten and decisions you e made. Love exploring new scenarios and the paranoia that happens when someone goes insane.  Kings Dilemma - a bit of a cheat with a legacy game, but I've played 4 legacy games (Charterstone, PLS1 & Clank!) and I had the most fun playing this.