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GameplayPandemic Legacy: Season 0 Playthrough - May (SPOILERS hidden) [Pandemic Legacy: Season 0]Like| 1 comment | [+]
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Thanks for this!  Having enjoyed Rollercoaster Tycoon as a kid, I'm always on the lookout for great theme park-themed games but the people I game with are generally not happy with "take that" type of games so this seems like a great alternative! 

5.  And I found 2 more unopened, but those were both gifts so they don't count right?  >.>

Maybe.  But will I know about them?  Since I stopped paying attention so much to the gateway games and started focusing more on the serious stuff?  I used to find out about them through Tabletop but that's not around anymore.

lol there's the cbrady we all know and love. I feel ya though.  I kickstarted #Aqua Garden on the strength of the fish meeples alone. 

I wish my mom would get me useful stuff like that instead of random board games she's picked up from somewhere haha. 

That makes a lot of sense.  I realized that I almost never play a game where everyone really knows what they are doing (except for when my friends and I play Pandemic Legacy).  I'm either learning the game or teaching it. 

Nice.  I became pretty good friends with my IT guy as his cubicle was right next to mine so we chatted a lot.  He had a lot of very good IT memes posted on his wall haha.  Sadly, I haven't seen him since we all started working from home. 

Yeah I'm not super great at languages either.  There's a reason why I became an engineer haha.

It worked out ok the last couple of times haha.  I ended up not kickstarting it and you did so we're 50/50 between the 2 of us. 

You got those little silicone bowls that fold up and take down flat?  Those are cool.  I'm a sucker for beautiful wooden things though like dice towers or boxes or things like this.  I don't buy any of these things generally, because I'm aware of budget and that we have small children so can't have nice things.  Or even really, don't play rpgs anymore so don't need to have dice boxes haha.  But I like to look and dream. 

That's true but not forever!  Although I mean we all may become avid solo gamers in the meantime but someday....

Whoa crazy I'd have not thought that possible. 

Yesss read the books. 

I have 12 that I found and 2 expansions unopened and 2 that I've opened but not played.  I'm not counting the ones that are in my "do I gift or do I keep" pile.  So 10's not bad haha.

I definitely learned a lot from her.  That class was a struggle though... It was the first one I ever got a C in and I think it broke me a little. 

Oh yeah, discounted expansions usually get me too.  But now you have BGA, make a forum post and let everyone else decide for you!  haha

You'd use it for everything!  All those little trays you could put your components in!  I probably wouldn't get any of the card holders, just bowls of various sorts. 

That's good!  For me its hard too because even if something isn't a hit with us right now (like #Tokaido) I always think to keep it because it will be a good training game for kids or like #King of Tokyo we almost never play but I keep around for people who haven't played a board game before. 

Nice!  We just have Star Wars posters up. We're a one note family haha. 

My high school english teacher had a Big Trouble in Little China poster on her wall and I thought it was super incongruous with all of the other stuff she had up.  Other than that one it was very classic english teacher stuff. 

Are they significantly longer games at 5p?  I played #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar 5p once and I think the game took like 4 hours haha. 

Its amazing what wall art does to a place.  My husband and I finally got around to putting up our posters/art after living in our house for years and it's like "oh NOW its a home" haha

That's a struggle.  The only major purge I've done was get rid of a bunch of games I got in a charity thing and a few others.  I keep thinking I should curate more, but then I look at them and I'm all "maybe someday..."  I think part of my problem is l like all the games. 

I started a new game, so you can give the new strategy a try haha

hahaha yeah that would be bad timing.  I brought it to work once to play during lunch and while we were all loudly accusing each other of being fascists we were like "mayyybee we should move to this empty conference room" >.>

Oh wow that is pretty.  I don't think its too pricey though.  $55 isn't bad.  For me, kickstarter is a very dangerous place.  Its not just games but also game related paraphernalia, I see things like this and I'm all "oooohhhh shiney"