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Yeah I considered the Scythe coins too.  Or the Viticulture ones since we play that way more often.  It definitely would work for many games other than just those.  Regular change though seems kind of... pedantic?  I don't know if that's the right word exactly, but doesn't exactly provide you with the cool, other-setting type of thing that you might be going for.  Plus dimes are lame and tiny haha. 

100% this.  I can't imagine the horror if my kids got into my games.  I'd never find all the pieces again. 

100% this.  I can't imagine the horror if my kids got into my games.  I'd never find all the pieces again. 

100% this.  I can't imagine the horror if my kids got into my games.  I'd never find all the pieces again. 

100% this.  I can't imagine the horror if my kids got into my games.  I'd never find all the pieces again. 

I was trying to find a set of metal coins that I could use in all/most games.  I haven't actually put much effort into trying to do this but I was thinking it would be nice.  I thought I heard someone said that it was cheaper just to get foreign currency instead of buying pretend metal coins so I looked into that for a bit.  Didn't come up with much outside of ebay where it was mostly bulk lots of coins. 

Ah yeah for sure.  I had just been mooching off my friend's copy so I was excited to get my own haha.

I got it with the #Yokohama Duel kickstarter.  I didn't get Duel though.  My friend has the deluxe edition so that's the version I learned how to play on. Then when I was looking at "how to play" videos with the little punchboard houses it looked so sad haha.  So I had to spring for the deluxe one. 

That's beautiful!  But I can see a lot of wasted inches there so I don't know how efficient a storage system it is haha. Looks like there's lots of space for stacking things on top though!

You'll still have a chance so long as we're not inviting to play with us.  =P

OH! I had no idea that mattered.  I have just been building buildings wherever.  I should probably give the rule book a once over at this point haha. 

Yeah ok I don't know either now.  I was looking in our "Final Scoring" boxes under where it lists all the scoring cards and it says "cities".  You got 34 pts and I got 21 pts.  And somehow also got 14 even though he didn't have any symbiotic cities so I have no idea what that number is now haha. 

How come your cities produced so many more points than mine?  I had way more symbiotic cities than you. 

#Forbidden Island, #Forbidden Desert, and #Forbidden Sky are part of a "trilogy" of games made by the same guys that made #Pandemic.  I have not yet had the chance to try Sky but between Pandemic, Island, and Desert I find Pandemic to be by far the strongest of the 3. 

Also I have yet to find my copy of Hogwarts Battle.  I honestly have no idea where it is.  Maybe I lent it to someone and then forgot who I gave it to? 

ready to start whenever you can join! 

Oh man I was wondering who was buying all those cards... I wanted to get a 2nd one but I ended up not having enough money/moves. 

They played each other a couple of times on BGA even.  Then played me again.  Now if i could only get my husband to join...

Is it asymmetric?  US, Europe, and Global South try to reduce greenhouse gasses while China doesn't care and keeps developing industry anyway? Lol 

But yeah, I'm also a no on this one. 

We didn't actually play a full game.  We were trying it out with my friend and his kids.  So we went a few rounds to see how they did (I did about as well as the 8 year old haha) and they had a lot of fun with the "no" stick.  I'd for sure give it a go.  I feel terrible though because I'm great at games like #Taboo but I suck at this one.  It hurts my brain, ironically haha. 

Played a couple of games of #Bites with my brother in law yesterday.  Its a light game that we were totally overthinking towards the end haha. 

And despite introducing #Yokohama to my sister and brother in law when they were very sleep deprived they played with me again last week!  Glad my shiney deluxe edition is getting some use. 

last round so stressful.  I don't think we can catch up to you though.

Scott didn't accept so it was abandoned.  Maybe the invitation went into spam or promotions?  Sometimes it does that.  But you can always try it again.  It was just abandoned because not all players joined in time.