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Played Bohnanza

Played with 2 players.

Played Aquatica

Played with 2 players.

I second every game that mentioned and also will add #Raptor as another tight game. It's high tension, similar to #Hanamikoji , but more thematic.

Played Crokinole

Played with 2 players.

Played with 2 players.

Played with 2 players.

It's easier for me to put my finger on what I know I don't like. I can also enjoy a larger variety of games if the group is excited about and enjoying the game.  My personality tends to feed on, and feedback to, others enjoyment. If the people I'm playing with are really into it, 90% chance I will be really into it at well. Even if I generally dislike the game.



1) If I'm teaching a game to a group and you know how to play, don't interrupt. There is often a method to the madness and you jumping in is not helpful. Wait till I'm done and then chime in if I forgot something. I'm non-confrontational by nature, but I WILL check you on this.

2) Please treat the components well so future players can continue to enjoy the game. 

I'm much less concerned about my game wear now that I've got a collection than I was when I only had a few games, but the rules still applies and most people don't do it maliciously. I phrase my request exactly as above. 

3) Plan your turn when it is not your turn so you're turn doesn't keep others from taking their turns for too long. 

Almost none of these are problems with my normal groups that I play with except for the first one.

I don't like watching Asmodee buy up everyone else. As a general principle I'd rather have a bunch of small guys doing the work than a giant monopoly. Variety is a good thing in this instance.

YESSS! They really do fill they niche of quick playing, easy to teach, yet they feel like a full, strategic game.

I would agree with your assessment, though i wouldn't discount #Irish Gauge for beginning gamers. I've played two games of it with two different pairs of beginning/family weight gamers and both sets really enjoyed it. It plays short enough too that if they don't like it they aren't stuck for long.

I also had no interest in the games based upon the theme, but the No Pun Included review of #Irish Gauge along with it's relatively inexpensive price for me to try. I now own both games in the Iron Rail series and plan on picking up the third. They are very interactive, which I enjoy, and they do a somewhat unique thing in my experience, where the gameplay is mean, but you don't feel the meanness.

I recently acquired and played #Ride the Rails. I also own and really enjoy #Irish Gauge. I knew I wouldn't like Ride the Rails as much , but I did enjoy it. My wife and daughter however both preferred it over Irish Gauge. I'd happily play either and am planning on picking up #Iberian Gauge when it comes out later this year.

One of my biggest hopes post covid is to find 3 other people to run through the #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris campaign. 

Interesting idea. I'll have to check it out.

The good news, if I remember correctly, is that there are separate map packs that I believe let you get the missing maps for whichever way your initial purchase happened. No need to buy the full game for just one map.

It's basically the base game with the Venus expansion for slightly less money than buying them both separately.  From what I understand, the combo has a map that isn't available when buying the expansion and base game separately, and vice versa.

I saw that and almost jumped on it. But I just had my holds from Game Nerdz and Miniature Market get delivered this past week, so I'm a bit flush with new games at the moment. Plus, I just heard #Concordia Venus was supposed to be hitting US warehouse at the end of March and I am reserving my game budget for when that drops.

That makes sense. I'm sure it would be a fun game with my kids, but I've also got hopes that it might be one that they start pulling out on their own when it's just them.

I'm a little bit scared of you now that I know you can read my mind. 😳😁

Me to my wife: I'm not buying any other games until I can get my hands on "game x"

My wife one week later: I noticed 5 new games showed up and none of them are "game x"

Me: yeah I don't even want that game anymore, it's probably terrible.

Oh dear, she looks like she's just had a stroke. 

I keep almost buying this game. I'll have to pull them trigger soon on a few sets.

Just remembered I forgot to mention #Nagaraja as a great two player game and #Imperial Settlers as being great at two players as well.

I haven't seen any mention of #Skulk Hollow or of #Tak . Both are great two player only games.

#Dominion is one of my favorite games for two players and one of the most returned to.

#Raptor and #Hanamikoji are both super tense short games for two.

I have also really enjoyed #Viscounts of the West Kingdom at two players.

I need to get some of the expansions for #7 Wonders Duel so my wife and I can enjoy being mean to each other again. :)

Yeah, everything I have seen about the game makes me think it's a sure fire hit for me. Fingers crossed for a reprint soon!