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See I find that the prequels only carry as much weight because of the knowledge of Vader being Anakin. So when I rewatch the movies I tend to go Machete cut, 4, 5, 2, 3, 6. That way you get to experience the Vader reveal and then watch the prequels as almost a flashback sequence to how he got to that stage. 
I'm in a similar position as , I grew up with Star Wars playing in the house since a very young age. I'd seen the original trilogy countless times by the time Phantom Menace rolled around, and I was still reasonably young when Phantom Menace came out. So it is really difficult to divorce my nostalgia from the critical part of my mind. I still get excited when May rolls around because my housemates and I make a big deal of it and marathon through the movies on the 4th. 

I didn't actually know that there was a restock pad for Welcome To.. That's mighty helpful info to know. Thank you.

Right now, the main ones I want to pick up are Welcome To, Qwixx and strangely enough HABA's Color It. The last one is the game that brought the question to my mind, because it would be a purchase for my nephew for Christmas as his first game, because he's pretty young but loves dice games, like Roll For It! and also loves colouring so that's how it came to my attention. Only problem is it's incredibly difficult to get a copy of it in Ireland for whatever reason.

I don't know why but the idea of laminating the pages never even crossed my mind. Complete brainfart on my end because it's such a simple and simultaneously genius idea. 

Get the bad out of the way first I'm guessing? "No, I promise, they get good!" 

In the base game I find both are pretty comparable in terms of difficulty. In saying that I've only played like 6 or 7 games in all. I've been told that in the expansion the Rebels got nerfed to a degree that angered my friend who informed me of the changes. But base game, I'd say just play what calls to you. I just enjoyed Rebels more than the Imperials when I played it so that's what I voted for. Plus if your wife is new to the Star Wars fandom, let her be the good guys. It'll make her love A New Hope all the more. 

Ticket To Ride is such a top tier game. It's easily the game I've broken out most for game nights. I don't know what it is but there's something about trains that make really good board games. 

Oh she's fantastic. Definitely helped reignite my love for the hobby.

I think I got one or two based on their videos, other times they just so happen to upload a video a few days after I've already bought a game, which is what happened with Watergate. I definitely picked up Railroad Ink and Steam Park because of their videos, but it was actually my partner at the time who convinced me to get Fog of Love. Right now though they're recent video on The Search for Planet X has jumped it straight to the top of my "most buy as soon as I can" list. Quinns taste in games seems to match up reasonably similarly to my tastes, apart from his love of deck builders. Never got into them properly myself.

Thanks, it's great to be here!

Hey all,
1. I found it the site through Ella Loves Boardgames recently enough. At least that's how I remember coming across the site, it might have been looking through reddit when I initially stumbled across it, but ELB definitely brought it's existence much more prominently in my mind.
2. Well over a decade of dipping in and out in periods of 2 years obsessively into the hobby, burning myself out, dipping away for 6 months or so and then stumbling across a SU&SD video or something similar that piques my interest and immediately back in.
3. At the minute my 3 favourite games are Railroad Ink, Watergate & Fog Of Love. Hoping to be able to get back to games with larger player numbers once restrictions ease up here in Ireland.