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Designer answered my questions on the bottom.

Yes you can move through units.

Blackholes only destroy the colony and attachments, not ships in the zone.

Troops still land, making this a powerful ability.  Even if the troopship was destroyed, and as long as the existing colony was destroyed.

First Impressions of Imperium the Contention [Imperium: The Contention]Like| 1 comment | [+]

They've now altered it so its less "pick up and deliver" and more in line with the other factions.   Area control matters more and its more streamlined.  More intrigued by them now.

This may be the first faction I've thought ... 'meh' about.   I don't really want to add a pick up and deliver mini-game to my root game.  Looking forward to the Warlord Faction much more.  Also can't wait to see minor factions and how they change up the game.

I'm not sure it'll hold its standing as higher than #Nemo's War (Second Edition) and #Spirit Island over time.  But I do appreciate the quick setup and tear down of a solo game that feels 'epic'.  

But for now, I enjoy it immensely.  

I've played solo several times.  But I am not theDL.

Setup - Quick easy maybe 3 minutes setup or tear down time if you pack it right and depending on how much you want to shuffle.

The AI - Plays quick easy to understand fast to play, you have to play against 2 (effectively minimum 3 player count) if you play with 2 people you are supposed to add an AI as well.

Randomness - AI blocks spots you may want to go, and can play cards to "boost" his conflict score thus emulating intrigue cards.   The AI also earns victory points for an abundance of Solari(7), Spice(7), Water(3) or Intrigue cards(3).  

Deck building in the game is definitely 'light'.  You may see those cards you purchased once or twice, lucky to see them three times.  There are things you can do to draw more cards if you really need them but they come at a cost.  (Agent + resources).  

Having played multiplayer now, the AI does a fairly decent job of emulating a player and keeping people on track to earn victory points(VP) by kind of giving you a pace that you should be trying to exceed.

Although I am a fan of Dune, if it tells you anything I've set aside Spirit Island and Nemo's War to play this solo for awhile.  Its faster to setup imo than the other two and quicker to get a game in at times.

Great questions.

It takes roughly 45 minutes per player.  Which means a full six player game clocks in at 4-5 hours.  Yes it's an epic title and an 'event game'.

Due to the pandemic I've only been able to play simulated beyond 2 players.  But even the simulations have proven to me this will be my 'event game' of 2021.

2p is mostly a solitaire affair with some cross over and influence between you towards the end.  But it does play well and you'll both get the 'full experience' without an encroaching empire on your borders.

Thematicly its great, each empire is assymetric enough to make you feel like you're playing something different but not so much so that we need to create a tier list of the different factions.  The SUSD review is spot on regarding combat, you're not always certain how this vs that is going to turn out and sometimes its a fuzzy concept on who will win.

In my opinion, if you're looking for an Epic Space Game experience here's your game.  I'm not fond of the 'politics and struggle in TI4', if I want that, I'll play DUNE.  What Eclipse has is a very mechanically brilliant epic space drama of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and some conflict, though not extermination. 

And a large portion of that brilliance is around the exploitation phase for both gaining resources, funding a sprawling empire, and researching your next breakthrough; that you just need one more turn to get in order to accomplish your goal while your opponent just scored another victory point using masses of ships, are you sure that's what you want to do this turn?


I hate you for this post.  :D  

I don't know that I can rate anything at a 10.  Let me really think hard and try.

Honorable Mentions (Or sooooo close)



#Sentinels of the Multiverse

#Nemo's War (Second Edition)

#Star Wars: Rebellion

#Spirit Island

The only one I'd put at an absolute 10 for me, meaning I could find no flaw in gameplay was #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.

For those of you looking for a #Battle for Rokugan or #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition type experience I would encourage you to look at #Small Samurai Empires.  I just received my KS from them, and I've played it twice now at different player counts, its a huge brain burner experience.   The hidden orders with the ability to cover one or two per second phase of someone else, along with the nuetral immediate benefits you receive just gives you so many choices in such a small elegant package.

I'm excited to receive #Beyond the Sun and #Last Bastion as my priority purchases this season.

No Airships and no Fenris addons.  But the AI is challenging on the hardest setting and it's my preferred way to play Solo for sure.  The other addons are coming, but we don't know how long it will be.  If you don't mind the base game scoring, the 7 factions and you can add the promo adventure cards if you wish, then its an excellent way to play.

EDIT: There is no 'undo' button, so once an action is committed or cancelled the game moves forward, it's my only frustration with it so far.

Played an early version of  #Mission Catastrophe which by the way is one to watch.  Very well put together.

Also played some #Scythe digital, and tested out #Civilization: A New Dawn + #Civilization: A New Dawn - Terra Incognita together but still learning that title.


I purchased #Civilization: A New Dawn + #Civilization: A New Dawn - Terra Incognita, since the expansion is supposed to make it better.  Not ready to share impressions, still playing learning games, but once I have it down I'll express my thoughts about the two.

#Small Samurai Empires is on the way. 

And Preorders include #Dune: Imperium and #Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition.  We'll see if these make the finalists and stay on the Kallax shelves!

Kallax shelves but Monster by design.  Too many oddly shaped boxes to stick straight to vertical stacking.



Great list, for some reason #Aeon's End has never clicked for me, not sure why I don't like it.  But I understand its ranking and know others do.  I'm not sure I can argue with this list, other than #Nemo's War (Second Edition) should be higher.  

#Galilean Moons I've never even heard of this title...

"Strategic" may mean in future games you don't mess with Blackice020 unless you're ready for an all out war.  ;)

Not sure where this lands on the scale, but it has to be a strategic decision.  If there's no logic in it, or it's just to screw up someone's turn without gain, I'm not sure I see the point.  But if it's a strategy to be applied to win the game, go for it.  I expect it to happen.  Now if it's a new player, I might even hold back and just point out if they were more experienced here's how that would've played out...  But I like people to try new things in games and not be punitive as a result, it can lead to new and interesting strategy.

Hesitant but hopeful as well.  This is going to have to do some things really well for me to make a purchase.

If I started over today my entry points would be two games. #Pandemic for introducing Cooperative gameplay in a boardgame title and #Scythe for strategy/engine builder entry to satisfy my competitive side.  As to spending the full $200 from scratch here's a list:



#Cards Against Humanity

#Love Letter

#Sushi Go!

#Rising Sun

#Dune or #Root

#Nemo's War (Second Edition)

Pending I could find all of that for $200 of course.