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Some questions I ask....

Does it add a 5th player?

Does it fix a previous annoyance about the game?

Does it make teaching more complicated?

Does my group like this game?

Is it reasonably priced or does it cost the same amount as a new game?

Does it fit into one box?

Is it simple and seamless, or does it add 15 modules that I'll never get to?

So glad you put this review out! Was waiting for it when you said you got so I was pleasantly surprised! I am becoming much more attracted to this game over time!

Dude I've been waiting for this day to come

Dude so pumped you got the quacks expansion!

that definitely sounds like a great way to unclog list of 50ish notifications! lol

Got to watch videos of games!.....:(

Right?? I basically do the same thing just slightly different haha 

Haha bro SAME. Finally remembered about these two after months of forgetting haha

My 2 main suggestions right now have to do with the notification page:

1. I think there should be a way to "read" notifications. For example, if I have over 10 notifications, it would be nice to click on one of them, resolve it, and then return to a page with the other 9 "unread" notifications. That way, when you go back, you don't lose track of which notifications you haven't seen yet.

2. I think it would be nice to have a separate notification badge for messages and not have it appear with the other notifications since messages can easily be lost in seas of notifications.

I'm glad you like it! Not sure which one I like better... I like the quicker, less complex nature of azul but I love dice and variability of Sagrada...

Dude I lost it when I saw Cthulhu hahaha

Hahahaha so good

Also I thought this video would be a pretty good teach primer for new players! Plus the#Roll For The Galaxy suggestion is great! Great video!

"It's basically better#Machi Koro" hahaha

I would say that I am almost content... There are a few games I would like to add as well as a few games I would like to sell or trade. The games I am wanting to round things out are accessible mid-heavy games that will get played often like #Agricola, hence why I want #Le Havre and #Troyes. The games I am wanting to part ways with are simply ones I dont get to the table plus the fact that I just dont enjoy them enough to keep them. 

dude their prices are really good for over-seas games. I was really close to getting #The Quacks of Quedlinburg from them before the giveaway for only $35 with free shipping. they also have #Troyes for a reasonable price too i believe

Dude if you ever have the opportunity to play it you should! its not the most amazing game out there, but is for sure a classic and is so different everytime you play!

Honestly any game that is a party game (#Telestrations, #Just One) or one that requires high/excessive energy #King of Tokyo, #Betrayal). Without the perfect mix of energy and personalities these games really fall flat to me. games with depth and strategy can for sure fall flat if you have rude and impatient people playing, but for the most part people remain somewhat quiet turn to turn so energy is not a huge concern.