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Woohoo! Congratulations to all the winners! Looks like an awesome game!

I've never even heard of Zatu. What is this Zatu?

I too have a moderately high degree of interest in this game. loves this one which means that it must be incredible. I'm in!

Yes! All of those games are excellent ideas. 

Wow. If you get more from this person that is totally insane. 

Welcome to all the new users! This is the best board game website out there!

This is a really good answer. 

Holy smokes! That's insane. 

I was under the impression that you would get heavier games from the Heavy Cardboard thing. No?

Aww you can get them Camdyland. It's what, $10? My girls love that game. Sorry and Trouble too. 

Excited doesn't begin to describe the level of happiness. 

I'm from MN and I've heard it called both here. 

And of course it's going to be Kickstarter exclusive.