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I don't have enough friends to increase player count! But Anachrony is so tight already I can't imagine it with 5. 

Does this count if you want games to have good solo modes? If so there are lots of games that I would love to see the player count drop down to 1. First and foremost of course is#Star Wars: Rebellion.

Wow that's really cool. And very nice of your friend to paint them for you. 

I'll be sticking with my "No Kickstarter" rule. For better or for worse I guess. 

Hello Matt! Thank you for all of your hard work!

It seems like you like Cartographers?

Guess I know what I'll be playing this weekend!

Congrats! Can't wait to see what game you pick up!

Lol. I have indeed acquired some new games lately. But no time or energy to play them!

Oooh cool. A new gaming group!

Do you have the expansion for TI4?

I think I would love that game but have literally 0 chance of ever playing it. Just not enough board gaming friends. 

I agree. It would be amazing.