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I wish I knew.  It's in the hands of the publisher for blind testing for 2021. I hope it gets published next year,  but with the way 2020 went, I'm hoping before Spiel '21 (Oct), but I'm crossing my fingers and toes in that effort. 

We're working on a revamped 3rd edition since Victory Point Games was assimilated into Tabletop Tycoon. It won't stray too far from the original, but will not be compatible to the Nurses expansion,  but will include some of that expansion as well. 

Dice hospital I have,  and a friend has Clinic. Big difference from hhh is the idea of working co-op, though the latest clinic expansion (covid 19) has a co-op variant. I feel like a hospital game should be working together instead of against each other.  But then again,  hiding bodies isn't the most friendly version of hospital care even if you're not competing against each other. ;)